Tatami Floor Mats

Tatami Floor Mats

The Beauty and Simplicity of Japanese Design - Tatami Mats are traditional style floor coverings composed of layer of grass, or straw filling with an external layer of woven straw covering. Today many Tatami mats are manufactured with internal layers of wafer board, wood, or cardboard to reduce cost. However, here at Haiku Designs Furniture we offer the best of traditional style mat design updated for contemporary use.

Create a natural look of comfort and elegance in your own home, with our Haiku Designs Tatami mats. Designed for use in homes, restaurants, meditation rooms or general living spaces, our Tatami mats are wonderful floors covering offering a firm feel with just a slight give.

We use layers of grass straw as in a traditional style mat and then cover it with a Grade #1 woven straw exterior. This whole package is then bordered with an all natural, all cotton material to further enhance the look and appeal of our Tatami mats.

Our mats are manufactured in Taiwan and are approved with JSL, label certificate approved for sale and distribution in Japan. This certificate is only approved for products, which have undergone rigorous testing for quality, and proper use of materials.

In addition, for import into the United States, Tatami mats must undergo a rigorous process of treatment to insure that they are bug free. Other manufacturers use layers of toxic chemical pesticides to insure they pass the US Agricultural department bug-free test. Some actually use pesticide powders or coat the Tatami mats with toxic spray, sometimes using DDT, an toxic chemical long banned in the United States for cancer causing properties.

No Toxic Powder or Pesticides. Haiku Designs Tatami Mats use a safe and non-toxic method to insure our mats pass government inspection. Before construction, the straw used in our mats is carefully washed to insure no unwelcome visitors. This material is manufactured by hand to insure the best quality production and the final product is then treated with Infrared heat to insure it passes the US Government inspection test. No Pesticide Powders or Chemical treatments are used, resulting in an all-natural Japanese style Tatami Mat safe to use in your home, office or restaurant.

Designed to offer many years of trouble free use and enjoyment, our Tatami mats are a great way to enjoy the benefit, comfort, and look of traditional Japanese design.