Standard Tatami Floor Mat

Standard Tatami Floor Mat

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The Kaiteki Standard Tatami Floor Mat is beautifully crafted in all natural materials, strictly following time-tested, Japanese traditions.

Our mats are meticulously crafted in Taiwan, following the traditional manufacturing methods of Tatami mats in Japan that have endured for centuries. Unlike cheaper alternatives, our mats feature a natural rush grass exterior and a foundation made of layered rice straw instead of inferior materials like wafer board or particle board. This intricate process of using layered rice straw takes more time, but it provides our mats with a distinctive firmness and slight flexibility that makes Tatami mats truly exceptional as floor coverings.

Furthermore, the Rush grass straw we use to cover our Tatami mats is of the highest quality, rated as "Best Grade #1". This rating guarantees minimal or no visible variation in the grass straw pattern, further attesting to the superior construction employed in Haiku Designs Tatami Mats. To ensure durability, the Rush grass mat is tightly woven and securely stitched with durable cloth edging, preventing any warping or bending.

As Tatami Mats predominantly consist of rush straw, they are classified as agricultural products and must meet the stringent customs regulations of the U.S. Department of Agriculture to prevent the introduction of insects and molds into the country. While most Tatami mat manufacturers comply with these requirements by incorporating toxic powder insecticides within the layers or fumigating the entire mat with pesticide gas, Haiku Designs takes a different approach.

Our Tatami Mats are the cleanest and most environmentally friendly mats available today because we employ natural processing and manufacturing methods. Instead of resorting to toxic pesticide powders, fumigation gases, or sprays, our mats fulfill U.S. Customs requirements through an infrared heat process that effectively eliminates any potential molds or infestations. Additionally, our rush straw components undergo a thorough washing process prior to manufacturing. The end result is a stunning, all-natural floor covering that is both eco-friendly and free from harmful toxins. With proper care, our Tatami mats will provide many years of use.

Beyond the health benefits of avoiding chemical exposure, our Tatami Mats offer relief from physical strain. Whether used as floor mats for walking, kneeling, sitting, or meditating, they provide a less taxing surface. When used for sleep, Tatami Mats offer a supportive yet slightly yielding surface, promoting proper posture and spinal alignment without the hardness of a solid floor. Moreover, Tatami Mats assist in moisture regulation by absorbing humidity during damp periods and releasing it back into the air during dry spells. Additionally, they act as natural insulators, contributing to temperature control.


  • Cleanest, most eco-friendly mats available today
  • Processed and manufactured naturally
  • Natural, renewable materials
  • No toxic pesticide powders or harmful sprays
  • Meets strict JAS, JIS, and USDA standards
  • Manufactured in Taiwan

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Japanese Agricultural Standards (JAS): This certification is granted to products in line with the standards set by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries (MAFF) of Japan, ensuring quality, grading, and organic practices. Moreover, this certification gives assurance to producers, processors, and consumers by regulating and upholding product integrity and quality.

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