The Ingenious Design of the Raku Japanese Platform Bed

The Ingenious Design of the Raku Japanese Platform Bed

The Raku Way of Life

The Japanese, the word Raku means "comfort, ease, or relief" in English, and another translation compares it to the word "pleasure". What’s so amazing about the design of the Raku bed-frame is the easy yet exquisite locking mechanism that joins the rails and the feet together.

This design does not rely on nuts and bolts or unnatural materials. Its assembly relies on a simple, sophisticated, puzzle-like design that’s very sturdy. The assembly of the frame is better executed by two people, but if you have the time and the patience to line up all the parts with a 10% margin of error, you can save yourself some money and increase your self-satisfaction. By the time you’re done, you’ll have a bed-frame that won’t fall apart unless a nuclear bomb falls on your house.

 Making Tatami Mats

Making Tatami Mats

Support Yourself the Natural and Comfortable way

Pretend that you’re a mattress for 10 seconds . . . and forget about the fact that texting is radically changing the laws of grammar and punctuation. Anyway, mattresses need firm support and conventionally that comes in the form of a dangerous weapon called a box-spring. In response to this assault on Nature, more people these days are using natural wooden slats for bodily support. However, when it comes to installation, slats are a bit inconvenient, since they consist of a series of thin, narrow planks connected by clothe, which makes them annoyingly unwieldly. So, another natural, eco-friendly alternative is Tatami mats, which have a long and honorable history in Japan. Defined by a questionable and scary Google search, the word tatami is defined as a “three foot by six foot (91 cm by 183 cm) floor mat woven of rice straw, used traditionally in Japanese homes” and other homes around the world.

Japanese Tatami Room

Haiku Designs Selection of Tatami Mats

To complete this blog’s proposal of a triad marriage, we need to choose a mattress to sleep on, which may be the most important decision when it comes to one’s orthopedic health and one’s overall health. As a guide, we might consider the fact that the word orthopedic is defined as “relating to the branch of medicine dealing with the correction of deformities of bones or muscles”. As a response to this, we might consider a latex mattress, which is a great topic for another blog, but for now, just visit this link for a more in-depth exploration of latex as a substance for a mattress alternative.

In the meantime, please contact us anytime by telephone on weekdays or email on weekends for more information about Tatami mats or other alternative, eco-friendly products. We also have periodic sales and discounts, so keep an eye out for those ongoing opportunities.

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