Organic Total Sleep Systems - For a Healthier Nights Rest

Organic Total Sleep Systems - For a Healthier Nights Rest

Creating Health and Harmony in the Bedroom

Haiku Designs is pleased to introduce the Total Sleep Care System. Created around the latest innovations and research into sleep and body dynamics, as well as the Zen and Modern Furniture ideas of simplicity in design and harmony with the Earth, our Total Sleep Systems are the perfect path to a good night's sleep. Our Organic and All Natural Sleep Care products are pleasing to the eyes and senses as well as nourishing to the body and the spirit.

The Haiku Designs Total Sleep Systems are created around two major components: a Natural Latex/Foam Mattress, Latex Inner Spring Mattress or an EcoRestOrganic Futon, complemented with a set of Organic Sheets, Organic Pillows, and Organic Mattress Toppers, and all placed upon a Haiku Designs Eco-Friendly Platform Bed. Used together they provide a luxurious, healthy, and comfortable sleep system for your bedroom.

The great health benefit of our Total Sleep Care System is the fact that one is sleeping in a natural, chemical free environment and not on synthetic, petrochemical foams or fillers. Most mattresses today are made from Polyurethane Foams or similar synthetic fillers. This in spite of the fact that many of these materials are known carcinogens and off-gas a whole list of known toxins into the sleeping environment. Such an environment can become a breeding ground for molds and dust mites, triggering a whole list of allergic, autoimmune reactions

3 Steps to a Healthier, Better Night's Sleep

Here at Haiku Designs we have a better way to a healthier nights rest, in 3 easy steps.

1. Mattress or Futon: The first element of our Total Sleep Care System is a Natural and Organic mattress or Futon. Choose from several different Haiku Designs models to best suit your comfort and firmness level. Each mattress provides optimal orthopedic support, while at the same time molding comfortably to the contours of the body.

2. Bedding, Sheets, Pillows: Secondly, choose from our luxurious Organic Sheets, Organic Pillows and Natural Mattress Toppers, manufactured from Organic Cottons, naturally processed wool, and natural latex foams.

3. Bed Frame / Bedroom Set: And to complete the package, consider a Haiku Designs Contemporary platform bed and matching bedroom set. Many of our stylish bedroom furniture collections are eco-friendly, made from sustainable produced wood sources or from bamboo, a renewable hard wood that is farmed. In addition, Haiku Designs is pleased to introduce into the American market the first lines of bedroom sets meeting the “E-1” European Emission Certification. This strict standard limits the amount of formaldehyde and other toxic gasses that furniture can off-gas, into the sleeping environment.

The great and healthy advantage of our Haiku Designs Platform beds is the unique slat construction, which places the mattress on a series of sturdy supporting slats, allowing air to circulate throughout the mattress. This constantly circulating air current wicks away moisture and allows the mattress to breathe, creating a fresher and healthier sleeping environment. What this means to you is that the combination of these two components provide the healthiest, most comfortable way to a perfect night's rest, while at the same time providing furniture that creates a look of beauty and harmony wherever it is placed.

We spend over one-third of our lives in bed. At Haiku Designs, we feel it makes good sense to create a healthy, comfortable, good night's sleep with our Total Sleep Systems using an Organic and Al Natural Mattress or Organic EcoRest Futon, Sweet Dreams Organic Sheets and Pillows, and combined together with a high-quality platform bed from our unique collection of Haiku Designs Bedroom Furniture.

Each of these components is designed to work together, but can also be purchased separately for use with any existing bed or mattress.

Total Organic Sleep Systems at Haiku Designs
Components of the Haiku Designs Total Sleep System

Total Sleep Systems - Advantages; Naturalpedic and EcoRest Mattresses - Benefits

* Completely organic, natural product — No petrochemicals, polyurethane foams or off-gassing of toxic fumes into the sleeping environment.
* Naturalpedic Mattress is made of latex, an all-natural, renewable resource made from the sap of the Asian Rubber trees.
* Latex Natural Mattresses offer a firm but comfortable support with a slight give.
* Latex features unique self-adjusting quality. What that means is that the mattress automatically conforms perfectly to your body's contours and curves, evenly supporting the spine. This provides optimal orthopedic support and maximum body comfort.
* Natural Latex Rubber Breathes, reducing night sweats. Mattress stays warm in winter and cool in summer.
* Naturally Hypoallergenic and anti-microbial. Latex Natural Rubber will not host bacteria, mildew, mold or dust mites.

Why Dust Mites Hate Natural Latex Mattresses & Why That Matters

* Unique Resilience of natural latex does not transfer movement from one person to another, making it the ideal sleeping choice for people of two different weights. One person's movement does not disturb the other.
* Life expectancy is greater than synthetic mattresses. Latex foam mattresses will last 20 years or more.
* Ideal for use with any type or style of bed frame. Works great with standard beds frames, futon bed frames, platform bed frames, etc.

Haiku Designs Eco-Friendly Bed -- Benefits

* Contemporary Bed Frame Designs combine the Zen Aesthetics of simplicity and harmony with distinctive modern styling.
* All bed frames are made from solid wood, and wood composites.
* No plastics, synthetic veneer or petrochemical off-gassing.
* No Particle Board – Haiku Designs does not carry any product with particle board or pressed particle wood, due to toxic chemicals used in the product, and the off-gassing of a whole list of chemicals into the sleep environement.
* Slat construction allows air to circulate throughout the bed frame and mattress.
* Platform bed design places the mattress on a series of sturdy wooden slats, providing maximum support while at the same time allowing air circulation throughout the mattress creating a healthier sleeping environment.
* Slat style platform supports any style of mattress, eliminating the need and the expense of box springs. All Haiku Designs bed frames are ideal for our Naturalpedic mattresses and futons, but will work with any other type of mattress including Posturepedic, Tempur-Pedic, Memory Foams, etc.
* Available with complete matching bedroom sets of chairs, nightstands, Entertainment Centers and several styles and sizes of dressers.

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