Dust Mites under a Microscope

Why Dust Mites Hate Natural Latex Mattresses & Why That Matters

Did you ever wonder why your skin itches? Well, one reason is the existence of dust-mites on the surface of your body. As microscopic critters that can also live by the millions in your bed, dust-mites thrive in stale, dark, moist environments, and are often found in mattresses made from synthetic or unnatural foam materials. The honeycomb structure of synthetic foam and the synthetic fibers in spring-coil mattresses provides the perfect habitat for these creepy creatures. Experts agree that one of the main causes of allergies and illness today is the allergic reaction to dust mites and their waste-products in our sleeping environment. Dust-mites live on human skin cells and thrive in any type of synthetic mattress. Itchy, red eyes, undue fatigue, skins rashes, restless sleep, congestion, coughing and sneezing fits, runny noses and other allergic reactions—these are often the signs of dust-mite contamination.  https://www.ehso.com/dustmites.php

In many instances older mattresses, which have been used for many years often can have a significant amount of these microscopic creatures and their droppings. It is gross to think about, but this can sometimes equal up to 25% of the weight of a mattress and can contribute to all sorts of health problems, and compromised immune systems, contributing to allergies, illness and lost of vitality.

Natural Latex Mattress at Haiku DesignsNatural Latex Mattresses at Haiku Designs

But don’t fret—Natural mattresses and bedding materials are the best defense against these ancient adversaries. Wool, latex and unbleached cotton are all naturally anti-microbial. The unique dry porous structure of these natural materials leaves no haven for dust-mites to relax or reside. In addition, the Haiku Designs Total Sleep System circulates air through the sleep environment due to the slat style construction that supports the mattress, along with the special "flow-through" material on the bottom of every mattress. This constant exchange of fresh air for stale air in the mattress acts as another strong deterrent to dust mites, as well as molds, which is another story for another day.

Sleeping platforms such as these are made of natural products and do not use synthetic petrochemical foams, veneers, or glues, either in the bed frame or in any of the mattresses. The result is that your bed is not a host for dust-mites and other microbes and does not off-gas petrochemical toxins into your bedroom or guest-room.

Vacuum Clean the Natural Latex Mattresses to Prevent Dust Mites

It is not something we sometimes put a lot of thought on, but we spend over 1/3 of our lives in bed and today many health conscious consumers are beginning to consider what they lay their heads on when they sleep at night.

For a Better and Healthier Night rest, consider replacing your old sheets and blankets with new more natural products and as the budget can afford it, think about upgrading your mattress to a Natural Fiber or Organic Latex Foam mattress product, like the Sweet Dreams 9" Botanical Latex Mattress. All in All Your Body will thank you.

Here is to a Dust Mite Free…. Good Nights Sleep!!

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