The Versatility of Eco-Friendly Bamboo Furniture

The Versatility of Eco-Friendly Bamboo Furniture

The first time I saw bamboo in the form of a stickball bat, I thought to myself, ‘Wow, this is cool, it’s hollow and hard at the same time. I can hit a home run with this thing’. Many years later, when I realized how incredibly flexible bamboo was, I saw that each shoot was full of air. I saw that each shoot grew beyond anything I had ever seen. I then realized that bamboo was an eternal paradox. I began to see that, as a result of its complex nature, you could harvest bamboo and craft it into a myriad of things, from dressers, flooring, flutes, night-stands, coffee-tables, dining-room tables, bed-frames, talking-sticks, walking-sticks, stick-ball bats and beyond.

Bamboo Grows Quickly, Making it an Eco-Friendly Choice for Furniture

One could easily say that rampant growing bamboo is the Asian economic equivalent to the Western prodigious beetle-kill, which has mysteriously migrated, from God knows where, to Colorado.

Bamboo Table

Like beetle-kill wood, bamboo is staking a claim that cannot be denied, and both of these natural resources are forcing us to pay more attention to natural selection, since they seem to be taking over the world, where wood is concerned. Bamboo is a solid wood that is more durable than oak and serves the world as an admirable carbon sequester, releasing 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere than an tree, helping to reduce greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. Bamboo furniture is produced cleanly, using no toxic chemicals.

Bamboo Furniture's Durability and Sustainability are its Strength

What all this means to you is that when you purchase an eco-friendly bedroom furniture, you’re purchasing a product made with materials that are sustainably harvested, assembled in a less harmful manner, and that never releases dangerous chemicals and gasses.

Greenington Fine Bamboo Furniture

This is a great step towards taking better care of the environment. Your environment in that you are creating a healthier living space with clean, less toxic furniture and also the Earth’s environment, in that your are purchasing furniture that is sustainable, and produced in manner that is uses less toxic glues, stains and binders.

Haiku Designs Furniture offers a wide range of Eco-Friendly and Sustainably produced furniture including bamboo furniture, and furniture made from FSC managed forests.

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