The [Home] Office

The [Home] Office

Michael Scott has sent home all the sales staff, the accounting department, the annex, the temp, and the receptionist. Like Mr. Scott, companies around the nation and throughout the world are asking their employees to remain at home and complete their work from the safety of their own houses, as we all do our best to help flatten the curve and beat this pandemic. Thankfully, due to advances in technology, working from home is a feasible solution for many corporations. Except…that home office I always meant to finish...that home workspace I always meant to furnish. Why oh why have I willingly lived such a life of procrastination?! Well, now is our chance to act and achieve our goal of having a highly productive home workspace complete with a sleek desk, spacious credenza, grand bookcase, and handy little filing cabinet. Seize the quarantine, and make your home office dreams come true. Let us skip down a virtual lane of inspiration and take a glance at some of the home office pieces Haiku has to offer, shall we?

I’ll start with my personal favorite, my #goals, as I stand at my kitchen counter because my body is physically rejecting the idea of me sitting for another minute....the Invigo Sit-Stand Desk. Sleek, powerful, and grand, the Invigo Desk by Copeland Furniture is aptly named as it is both a sitting and standing workspace, easily transitioning from one to the other with a simple push of a button. The desk tabletop is crafted in luxurious, solid walnut with a natural finish that is Greenguard Certified for low chemical emissions. Elegantly disrupt your sedentary workday and liberate yourself from the monotony of typical office work with the Invigo Sit-Stand Desk. Complete your space with either the Linear Office Storage Collection or the Catalina Office Storage pieces, and you’ll have yourself one top-notch home office to get you through the quarantine and beyond.

Copeland Invigo Sit-Stand Desk

Next, we’ve got the very popular Studio Line Office Collection by Greenington. Beautifully crafted in Exotic Bamboo (no relation to Joe Exotic aka The Tiger King. Have I been watching too much Netflix while in quarantine? Yes! Am I sorry for the excessive references? Also, yes!), the Studio Line Desk and matching Bookshelves are chic and minimalist pieces ideal for the Contemporary, Mid-Century inspired home. An exquisite material for home furnishings, Exotic Bamboo is 100% harder than red oak. Bamboo is also a renewable resource, as it can be regrown to maturity within 3-5 years compared to the 30+ years it would take a tree to reach maturity. The Studio Line Collection encourages you to live elegantly and sustainably with its sleek design and eco-friendly composition.

Greenington Studio Line

Our next stop is another bamboo beauty: the Currant Bamboo Writing Desk. Similar to the Studio Line in its eco-friendliness and sustainability, the Currant Home Office Collection maintains its minimalism while also providing you the convenient storage of 3 smooth-gliding drawers that span the width of the desk. The Currant’s stunning Caramelized finish brings the serene beauty of nature indoors and invites you to live harmoniously, or should I say, work peacefully and diligently. Complete the Currant Home Office Collection with the Currant Bookshelf and Leaning Bookshelf.

Greenington Studio with Currant

Last on our tour is a collection with a more industrial feel for those in need of a little corporate inspiration while working in the comfort of your home. The Amsterdam Home Office Collection has it all: desk, desk return, credenza, filing cabinet, and a bench for extra seating. Its contemporary design and cool, concrete tabletops will transport you out of the home and into the office. Now, there may be some of you that are wondering, “why would anyone want that,” but I am certain there are folks who greatly enjoy the separation of home life and work life. The Amsterdam is a chic and sophisticated home office that will allow you a more defined separation between your living space and your working space.

Amsterdam Home Office Collection

While this quarantine is a prime example of the benefits of having a home office, a comfortable and beautiful home workspace is a wonderful asset for the driven individual. Work, create, imagine, and dream all from the comfort of your home in a space specifically designed by you to nurture, inspire, and motivate your spirit. If you need some more design inspiration, be sure to check out all the other office furniture Haiku Designs has to offer. Stay home and stay safe, everyone.

Jovanna, Haiku Designs Staff

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