Step into the Zen Modern Lifestyle Blog Post

Step into the Zen Modern Lifestyle

"Sleep on horseback,
The far moon in a continuing dream,
Steam of roasting tea."
~ Bashō Matsuo

Haiku Designs would like to invite you to the Zen Modern movement. Combining the enlightened teachings from the ancient schools of Zen with the clean and sleek principles of Mid-Century Modern design, the Zen Modern movement is luxurious peacefulness, elegant calmness, exquisite serenity.

Three Principles of Zen Modern Design and Lifestyle

Zen Modern Principle 1: Harmony with the Environment

Zen Modern borrows from the teachings of Zen, the idea that one should live in harmony with nature; for the benefit of Mother Earth, to lessen humanity’s negative impact on the planet, but also for your own serenity and tranquility. We are but part of nature and should thrive alongside it, not exploit and destroy it. Haiku Designs encourages you to make those environmentally conscious decisions by providing you with an array of eco-friendly products to help you create the harmonious and peaceful home you and Mother Nature deserve.

Zen Modern Principle 2: The Beauty of Less

Another aspect of Zen Modern style is simplicity and minimalism. Based on the theme found in Japanese furniture designs as well as the schools of Danish and Mid-Century Modern interior design, less is more. Zen teachings tell us of the importance of simplifying and de-cluttering one’s environment for the purposes of harmonious living and meditation. Zen, in conjunction with Mid-Century Modern Design results in furniture featuring clean sleek lines, that is elegant in its minimalism: furniture that allows for one or two statement pieces without overwhelming and bombarding onlookers’ visual senses. Haiku Designs has a grand selection of high-quality pieces for every room that follows this principle: Less is Beautiful.

Zen Modern Principle 3: Simple Luxury

For Haiku Designs it is important to be able to achieve a Zen lifestyle while incorporating the modernity we in the 21st Century crave. While acknowledging the beauty and value of many of the principals of harmony and simplicity, a monk’s lifestyle is perhaps not attainable, practical, or dare I say desirable in our modern lives. Therefore, the goal is to live a life of fullness, balance, comfort, and luxury. It is about doing what is best for you as well as for this planet we all share. The 21st Century is full of progress and innovations, and there is nothing wrong with appreciating and indulging in the luxuries of our time; so brew yourself a cup of organic green tea or a delicious cup of single origin coffee, and enjoy it on your solid bamboo Currant Chair, or your sustainably-sourced hardwood Astrid Bed.

Living Well in the 21st Century. We call it the Zen Modern Lifestyle.

Haiku Designs offers a unique selection of modern furniture, organic bedding, and lifestyle products from designers in Italy, Asia, and the United States, based on the themes of simplicity, harmony, balance and beauty.

Jovanna, Haiku Designs Staff

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