Non-Toxic Furniture for Children, Tweens and Teens

Non-Toxic Furniture for your Children, Tweens, and Teens

Protecting Your Loved Ones from Noxious Chemicals

" Puddles of sky.
A child's first step
in the clouds. "
     ~ Sandi Pray, USA

Families across the globe spend small fortunes on their children's needs, wants, and demands. In 2017 expert's estimate the global children's clothing market will be worth $173 billion dollars! With such a strong focus on providing the best for our most precious loved ones we often ignore the fact that they spend a 1/3 of their lives sleeping on beds that emit noxious chemicals!

This is where Haiku Designs comes in. We have a great selection of eco-friendly and natural mattresses and bedding built specifically for your children!

Chemical Off-Gassing from Cheaply-Made Mattresses and Bedding

Parents go to extensive efforts to protect their kids from the unknown causes of so many common ailments. These days theres even a popular debate on things such as vaccinations that we all once just accepted as a society. But how often do parents consider protecting their children from nasty chemicals such as formaldehyde off-gassing from their inexpensive mattresses, bedding, and beds?

Non-Toxic Bedding Options for Children

With so much of the trend moving towards natural and organic children's clothing we're here to offer the healthiest possible options for your child's sleeping environment. Here at Haiku we strongly advocate for the safety and longevity of our greatest resource - the future generations to come. This is why we hold such strong commitments towards providing products that are healthier, safer, and in harmony with nature.

Our brand new line of children's mattresses are built to protect your kids while being easy on the earth- which is the biggest 'win win' situation we can think of!

Natural Sleep and Sweet Dreams Mattresses

Introducing Two New Mattresses

Sweet Dreams Children’s Inner Coil Natural Sleep Mattress
and the Sweet Dreams Children's Natural Latex Mattress

These two new mattresses give you the choice between a healthier sleeping environment for your little ones and a traditional yet chemically toxic mattress found elsewhere. The Sweet Dreams Tween Children's Latex Mattress provides the optimal balance between nature and comfort. Your kids will love the feel and quality sleep they'll be getting on this mattress made from a combination of natural materials including Latex, Wool, and Organic Cotton.

Say goodbye to nightmares with our Sweet Dreams Organic Children's InnerCoil Mattress, featuring Nested Inner Coils, Natural Latex and Certified Organic Cotton. This Inner Coil mattress has been designed and created from the ground up as a healthy alternative for a children’s sleeping surface. Perfect for children from 1 year to approximately 12 years old, the Inner Coils provide optimal orthopedic support while it's 1" layer of Botanic Dunlop Latex gives it a soft pillow top feel.

Our Botanical Latex is an all-natural latex and is not blended with petrochemical synthetic foams. In addition our Latex is naturally anti microbial, anti dust mite, hypoallergenic, lessening any auto-immune issues and/or allergies your children may experience with more traditional beds.

Natural Talay LatexWool Moisture Barrier, Moisture ManagementHypoallergenic MaterialsMade with 100% Organic Cotton

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