Modify Your Living Space with Japanese Style Furniture

Modify Your Living Space with Japanese Style Furniture

Transforming Your Modern Bedroom into a Multi-Functional Masterpiece


"  Ah me! I am one
   who spends his little breakfast
   Morning-glory gazing "

      ~ Matsuo Bashō

One of the major trends in home design these days is to create spaces that work for more than one purpose. The perfect place to begin is to add hidden storage with cleverly designed modern furniture. Another big trend is the new push to create “hotel suite” functionality in your bedroom, resulting in a relaxing haven that is no longer simply a place to catch some zzz's. With a little imagination – and some fabulous pieces from Haiku Designs – you can transform your home into a multi-functional masterpiece, even when space is limited.

The first thing you'll want to do is to free up as much floor space as possible. A great way to achieve this is by replacing your old, tired bedroom furniture with a fabulous Platform Storage Bed from Haiku Designs. We offer an array of modern looks to suit your personal taste, and many of our Storage Beds have additional matching pieces designed to stow away all of the clutter without sacrificing style.

Berkeley Storage Bed from Copeland Furniture

One perfect example is the Copeland Berkeley Storage Platform Bed and matching Berkeley Bedroom Furniture. This collection fuses Asian design and American craftsmanship into a streamlined set that houses an incredible amount of storage space. It's available in five amazing wood finishes, from the light and airy look of natural cherry to the deeper, dramatic appeal of smoke cherry. It is styled with a very modern low profile bed frame, and there is no need for a box spring, leaving plenty of room for copious drawers where you can stow extra bedding, seasonal clothing, or anything that needs to remain out of sight until you need to use it. There are also three matching pieces available: a 2-drawer nightstand, a 5-drawer high chest, and a 6-drawer wide dresser, all of which emphasize high-quality construction and the most storage space available per square inch. This is an absolutely gorgeous set that echoes the slightly curved, classic design elements of an Asian pagoda. You'll gain tons of storage space, and have a show-stopper of a new bedroom to show off!

Emulating that Japanese Look in High-End Hotels

Ever notice how convenient it is to focus on your work when you stay at an upscale hotel? Luxury hotels pay professional designers exorbitant amounts of money to design rooms that work well for multiple purposes. You can easily achieve this look at home by simply rethinking the space you have to work with, and then adding some beautiful new modern furniture that brings your ideas to life. Remove the TV from the bed area, and include it with a simple seating nook.

Dublexo Convertible Sleeper Chairs & Dublexo Sleeper Sofas from Innovation Living are ideal for the bedroom. If the space you are working with is not wide enough to accommodate two chairs, the Dublexo Sofabed would be ideal – it has such a graceful, slender silhouette that you'd never guess wasn't simply a stylish little settee. The chairs and the sofabed are completely adjustable, folding flat for times when you want to lounge, and ratcheting up into an angled seating position for when you need to work on your laptop without bothering your partner. A pair of Dublexo chairs make a gorgeous conversation area and boast a surprisingly small footprint to conserve floor space. They come in delicious modern neutral colors and even let you choose from modern metal legs or “space-age” tapered wooden spindle legs in a light or dark finish.

Dublexo Sleeper Sofa and Sleeper Chairs by Innovation Living

Adding the Ancient Wisdom of Feng Shui to your Home

If your room has an open plan, and you work remotely, consider adding a minimalist desk in one corner. Incorporate the ancient principles of feng shui, and arrange the desk so that it faces the center of the room, with the chair against the wall. Try to avoid having your back to the door of the room – this tends to make you feel tense, and you won't be able to do your best work.

Greenington Currant Writing Desk
Currant Japanese Writing Desk

The Currant Writing Desk from Greenington is ideal for a multi-functional bedroom workspace. Its three drawers hold a surprising amount of office supplies and journals, and its adorable matching Currant Chair slips neatly underneath the desk when not in use. The Currant Desk sports a very small profile; at 60" x 24", it takes up a very modest amount of floor space. Add Asian touches to your home office with the stylish Currant Bookshelf, too. Its mid-century modern appeal is extremely on point in design circles these days, and its minimalist appeal will work with nearly any style of modern décor. It is available in two versatile finishes: a light, warm caramelized walnut or a deep, rich black walnut. Its striking design will add visual interest in any room in your house!

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