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Mattress Type Comparisons

Hello to all my cool cats and kittens. Certainly I cannot be the only one spending extra time nestled in bed these days. Our shared tragic experience has things a bit wacky and if you find yourself spending a little more time within the safe confines of your bedding cocoon, well friends, that is ok. All that extra time however might be having you question the integrity of your sleep surface. When was the last time you upgraded your mattress? When was the last time you evaluated your sleep environment? Had you been pondering a change for some time that now feels like an absolute necessity? If any of these questions speak to you, take my virtual hand. Let us stroll through Mattress Land as we learn specifics and benefits of various types of mattresses in order to help you make the most informed decision, all from the subpar comfort of your existing mattress. 

Mattress Type Comparison: Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid Mattresses

We’re all familiar with innerspring mattresses and the horrors associated with those literal backstabbing nightmares. They certainly don’t start out stabby, but they most definitely always turn out that way. Anyway, modern Hybrids are the evolved love child of innerspring and foam mattresses, giving us all the comfort and familiarity of the past with the sleek support of the future. Even more wonderful is the fact that hybrid mattresses now feature individually pocketed springs which increases their motion isolation ability. Hybrid mattresses continue to be some of the most popular because of their availability. Hybrids come in many firmness options giving you the freedom to choose what best works for you. They do, however, have a couple downsides in terms of durability and price. Compared with foam and latex varieties, Hybrids have a shorter lifespan. They still are long lasting investments, but the modern memory foam and latex mattresses have exceeded the 8 year average lifespan- a fact formerly popularized by that one mattress man that started every ad with “is your mattress 8 years or older? Check the tag!” you know the one.

Haiku Designs has several Hybrid style mattresses that feature both pocketed springs and latex such as the BedInABox Dual Hybrid Mattress which has not one, but two layers of individually pocketed coils as well as three layers of foam (including a 3 inch layer of gel memory foam at the very top) throughout the mattress. Most of our Hybrid mattresses are of the Medium-Firm variety with one exception being the Extra Firm Heart Supreme which features a coconut coir, pocketed springs, hemp coir, latex, and a wool stuffed quilted cover. Now THAT’S a hybrid, am I right?

Mattress Type Comparison: Foam Mattress

Foam Mattresses

Foam Mattresses rose in popularity over the past couple decades after the initial introduction of the Tempur-Pedic Swedish Mattress in 1991. Made of Nasa-engineered, body-conforming foam, foam mattresses continue to be one of the best options for people suffering from chronic back pain as they have exceptional pressure point relieving properties. And, of course, we all remember the wine glass test where one places a glass of red wine in one corner and bounces around chaotically on the other end trying to spill the wine. Memory Foam Mattresses are continuously rated highest in motion isolation, so jump all you want, because that wine will not spill (don’t come for me if it does, it was your choice to conduct the experiment instead of drinking the wine which would have been objectively more fun in my opinion). Memory Foam mattresses are also widely available nowadays with a vast number of options out there making it easy to find one that suits you best. Some downsides to Memory Foam mattresses include the potential for initial odor and the break in period, for which some feel obligated to add a soft topper. Also there is a potential for heat retention which is why cooling gel memory foams have become so popular. Finally, Memory Foam mattresses offer little to no bounce which some may like (I dare you to do the wine test. Still, don’t come after me if you spill the wine), but I personally prefer a little bounce. Who’s with me?

Haiku Designs is proud to carry the BedInABox Memory Foam Mattresses. From the medium-firm Original 11" Mattresswhich features an eight inch support layer topped off with a three inch CoolRest memory foam comfort layer, to the medium-soft Azulwhich features an additional Transition layer plus an UltraCool layer above the CoolRest foam for an even longer period of cooling. Interested in a memory foam mattress? Check out our BedInABox selection!

Mattress Type Comparison: Latex Mattresses

Latex Mattresses

Latex Mattresses are on the rise currently because of the Natural appeal as many feature latex made from the sap of rubber trees. Additionally, latex mattresses offer many of the same benefits as Memory foam such as excellent pressure point relief. However, they do differ in that Natural Latex provides better support, superior temperature control (at least when compared to foams of the non-cooling variety), performance consistency, and durability. Latex Mattresses last longer than their foam counterparts and have higher breathability which helps to regulate your temperature throughout the night, as well as helps reduce moisture buildup, dust mites, and allergens. I must add though, that not all latex mattresses are created equal. The Latex Mattresses found within the Haiku Designs catalog feature an open-cell construction which enhances that air flow. Also, Latex Mattresses are available in synthetic, natural, or blends so it is important to do your research in order to decide which product would be best for you. Some downsides to Latex Mattresses include a potentially strong initial odor (both synthetic and natural can have a rubbery, plastic smell), and the fact that they can be ultra heavy and dense. Not to mention they can be a bit pricey, but in all fairness they are some of the longest lasting mattresses so they are indeed a good investment. And then there’s the whole latex allergy thing… Please, if you have a latex allergy, DO NOT get yourself a natural latex mattress. They are simply not for you.

Haiku Designs has quite the Natural Latex mattress selection. Our Natural Latex mattresses are available in a variety of firmness levels and often feature a combination of natural wool, cotton, coconut, hemp, and even horse hair. For those searching for a simple, pure latex sleep experience we have the Sweet Dreams Latex Mattresses and the Plush Sleep Latex Mattress. And then there’s the Coco Rest which is all latex plus a 2" extra firm coconut coir base, for those that need a firmer sleep surface. Whatever your desired comfort level, Haiku Designs is sure to have a Natural Latex option for you!

Mattress Type Comparison: Futon Mattresses

Futon Mattresses

Last but not least, we have the Futon. No, I’m not talking about the convertible sofa we all had at some point in our young adult lives because they were super convenient although not the most comfortable. I’m talking about the Futon Mattress, which sure, can still be used in the convertible sofa sense, but is a much more evolved and sophisticated version of the ones our friends used to sleep over on. Futon Mattresses are an excellent option for those seeking a more minimalist, simple, and natural sleep experience. Available in a wide variety of firmness and comfort levels, Futons can feature all the same elements of the above mentioned mattresses, but in a sleeker and lighter form. From pocketed coils to latex or coconut fiber filling, Futons can have it all. Additionally, their more compact proportions mean that Futons are often more affordable than the larger and thicker mattresses, and more moveable because of their reduced weight. Potential downsides include the lack of ultra soft and plush options due to the reduction in thickness, as well as the potential for initial odors especially when it comes to the all natural varieties. Yes, natural virgin wool will likely smell a bit of sheep and natural latex might smell like rubber, but the smells will fade.

Haiku Designs has a large variety of Futons due to the popularity of our Japanese Raku Tatami Platform Bed which pairs best with Japanese Futons, also known as Shiki Futons which are foldable and thinner for easy storage, and other Futon varieties which are closer to our Western mattress preferences. Crafted in all natural and/or organic materials, the Futons we carry are sure to provide you with a serene and clean sleep experience, free of harsh chemicals and unnecessary fluff or pizzazz. Exceptionally versatile and to the point, our Futon Mattresses are an excellent option for those in search of a simpler and more natural sleep experience. Check out our assortment of latex, wool, spring, coconut Futon Mattresses! 

Mattress Type Comparison of Hybrid, Foam, Latex and Futon Mattresses

I hope this journey through Mattress Land has been helpful. A final thought as we approach the end of our blog-reading time together: if you are not yet ready to change your mattress, either because you are not ready for the commitment or because your current one still has a bit of life left in it, consider zhuzhing up your bed with a fabulous latex or wool topper. Spruce up sleepy time with a luscious, wool comforter. Elevate mid-day nap time with some exquisite organic sheets. You know what I always say: “TREAT YO SELF”. You deserve it.

Jovanna, Haiku Designs Staff

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