Make the Upcoming Holidays Less Lonely and a Little More Homey

Make the Upcoming Holidays Less Lonely and a Little More Homey

Make the Upcoming Holidays Less Lonely and a Little More Homey

These days, when there is a lot of concern about public health and the pandemic, many are worried about large gatherings, and keeping holiday events as small as possible, if not canceling them altogether.  But one can still get some amount of comfort and warmth that only home and being with loved ones can provide.  Designing the perfect, personalized living space, even if it just focuses on you, your close family and friends, or inner circle, is a great way to do that.  That is why it is very important to design your home interior with the comfort and optimism of your loved ones in mind.

One way to keep morale and positivity up is to focus on what you have, versus what you don't.  A long dining room table lined with empty chairs can really emphasize the people who aren't there and whom you may miss.  A smaller table might be more appropriate for the small gatherings of contemporary times.  Smaller tables are cozier.  They don't emphasize empty seats when a gathering is lighter; they help emphasize the people who are present with you.  Directing your focus on the important people in your life will improve conversations, causing them to be more clear and intimate, which can really improve everyone's outlook.

While focusing on people, rather than some face-obstructing centerpiece, this season, there's no better time to turn to the simplicity of Japanese design, with softly-rounded corners, and a surface streaked with beautiful accents of exotic Tiger bamboo.  The Azara Dining Room Table is made from 100% solid, eco-friendly Moso bamboo, which is fully-grown within five years, so it is rapidly renewable, and it releases approximately 35% more oxygen than a comparable stand of trees.  Classic bamboo is 20% harder than red oak, and the Azara contains no medium-density-fiber board or plywood.   The Azara is available in two stunning finishes: classic Caramelized or rich Sable.  The Azara Dining collection makes it easy for you to promote sustainability in a lovely, classic, and functional way in your home.

Greenington Azara Dining Room Collection

While it may be a good idea to focus on small gatherings now, of course, it's important to stay optimistic about the future.  For those of you with more room in your living space, perhaps you should consider a dining room table that extends.  A table with a leaf will give you options in the future and make your dining area more versatile.  You will be able to keep it short for now, but you'll have the option of expanding it for future holidays, when things begin to return to normal, and you're ready to receive more guests.

The Currant Extension Dining Room table might be perfect for right now, and also for adapting to future changes.  It is made from 100% solid Moso bamboo, and the Currant contains no medium-density-fiber board or plywood.  The extension leaf adds a spacious 20” to the length of the table, and it glides on cable-assisted ball bearings.  The Currant table top fully extends to 92”.  The natural grain of the bamboo adds to the beauty of the piece in Mid-Century Modern styling.  The Currant is available in classic Caramelized and rich Black Walnut.

Greenington Currant Dining Room Collection

The times we live in, being as challenging as they often are, don't have to be so bleak.  It's important to take comfort in some of the simple pleasures in life, whether they are creating the perfect living space, or just focusing on family.  Hopefully we've provided some solutions that will help you accomplish both.

Dan Brown, Haiku Designs Contributor

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