The Quest for the Perfect Sofa Bed: An Eco-Friendly Adventure with Innovation Living

The Quest for the Perfect Sofa Bed: An Eco-Friendly Adventure with Innovation Living

Hey there, fellow eco-warriors and comfort-seekers! Sienna here, on a mission to find the holy grail of convertible sofa beds. You know, the kind that whispers, "Sit on me, you've earned it," after a long day of eco-blogging. Well, guess what? My quest led me to Innovation Living, and oh boy, do I have tales to tell!

Updated 5/1/2024: Needed to update to include the new Double Spring and No-Zag & Pocket Spring comfort technologies!

Chapter 1: The Eco-Friendly Crusade Begins

Picture this: Me, armed with my laptop, a cup of organic coffee, and a determination to find a sofa bed that's as kind to the planet as it is to my behind. That’s when I stumbled upon Innovation Living. These folks aren't just making furniture; they're crafting sustainable masterpieces!

Innovation Living Killian Sofa Bed with Person
Pictured: Not Me, Not Armed with Laptop, No Coffee--on Killian Sofa Bed

Chapter 2: A Comfort Construction Odyssey

As I delved deeper, I discovered that Innovation Living is like the alchemist of sofa beds, turning ordinary materials into comfort gold. Here's a sneak peek of their magical comfort constructions and comparison of their features:

1. Pocket Spring:

  • Support: Good support is provided by the individual pocket coils, which adapt to the body's contours and distribute weight evenly.
  • Comfort: The high resilient foam casing adds a soft and breathable top layer, offering a comfortable sitting and sleeping surface.
  • Ideal For: Those looking for a balanced blend of support and comfort.

2. Pocket Spring Dual:

  • Support: Similar to the standard Pocket Spring, but with enhanced support due to the extra layer of foam.
  • Comfort: The extra layer of hyper-soft foam provides a softer and more luxurious feel, making it more comfortable for sitting and sleeping.
  • Ideal For: Those who prioritize softness and comfort, but still want adequate support.

3. Excess Pocket Spring:

  • Support: Upgrade over the Pocket Spring Dual that offers softer sofa comfort with higher coils, which can absorb pressure well for a comfortable sleep.
  • Comfort: The core foam casing increases the absorption of pressure on each spring, enhancing the overall comfort for sleep.
  • Ideal For: Those looking for a softer, more plush sitting and sleeping experience with good support.

4. No-zag Spring:

  • Support: The 6.3'' pocket springs provide even and firm support, making it ideal for backrests and seats.
  • Comfort: The thick layer of high resilient foam enhances the comfort of the spring, ensuring a great resting experience without compromising support.
  • Ideal For: Those who prefer a firmer, more supportive seating and sleeping surface.

5. Dual Memory:

  • Support: The high-density foam side provides firmer support, suitable for those who need more support while sleeping.
  • Comfort: The memory foam side offers a softer, more conforming feel, adapting to the body’s shape for enhanced comfort.
  • Ideal For: Those who want the flexibility to choose between a softer or firmer sleeping surface, depending on their comfort preference.

6. Double Spring

  • Support: Supportive No-Zag and Pocket Springs with foam, so medium support, making it versatile for many types of sleepers.
  • Comfort: Resilient foam on top of the springs, making it very soft.
  • Ideal For: Those who prefer a soft and inviting top for sitting while great for a regular, every-night sleeper.

7. No-Zag & Pocket Spring

  • Support: Solid wood frame featuring the No-Zag & Pocket Spring adding support for every-night sleep. Spring systems also make this comfort more elastic and springy.
  • Comfort: Hyper-soft foam to create very soft sleeping surface on top of the supportive frame technologies.
  • Ideal For: Every-night sleepers who need a little more support who appreciate softness, too.  Also with the No-Zag springs allow mattress to breathe, helping hot sleepers keep cooler.

    Heads Up: Nerd Alert on the 'Technical' Bit!

    Alright, comfort connoisseurs, we're about to get technical. For some of you, this next part might sound like a lullaby that gently nudges you towards a sofa bed nap – and that's totally fine. But for my fellow eco-nerds and anyone who's genuinely curious about what makes a sofa bed both comfy and sustainable, this section might just be the highlight of your day!

    Innovation Living Malloy Sofa Bed with Cornila Ottoman
    Pictured: Malloy Sofa Bed with Malloy Ottoman, Ready to Snooze!


    So, whether you're here for the intriguing details or just in need of a good excuse for a quick snooze, let's dive into the fascinating world of Innovation Living's comfort constructions. Trust me, it's not every day you get to peek behind the curtain of sofa wizardry!

    Pocket Spring: A Fusion of Comfort and Support

    Innovation Living's "Pocket Spring" design is a testament to their dedication to superior comfort and robust support. This innovative construction features individual pocket coils, ensuring that pressure is evenly distributed across each spring. Whether you're sitting or lying down, this design enhances support, making it a versatile choice for both daily seating and as a restful sleeping surface.

    Innovation Living Pocket Spring Construction

    The comfort layer includes a breathable, high-resilient foam casing, which contributes to the overall longevity of the furniture while ensuring a soft, inviting top layer. This foam works in harmony with the pocket springs, creating a balanced feel that's neither too firm nor too plush.

    Here’s a closer look at the layering details:

    • Outer fabric for a welcoming touch.
    • Fiberfill for extra softness.
    • High-resilient foam encasing pocket springs compressing from 4.7" to 2.4''.
    • Fibertex layer for durability and shape retention.
    • Metal mesh and rigid metal frame for stability and support.
    Innovation Living Pocket Spring Sofa Beds
    Pictured: Innovation Living Cassius Quilt, Unfurl Lounger, Cosial, Conlix, Recast Plus, Unfurl


      Innovation Living's "Pocket Spring" construction is more than a mattress; it's a carefully crafted solution for modern living, combining design, comfort, and sustainability.  Models with the Pocket Spring are Caluma, Cassius Quilt, Conlix, Cosial, Recast Plus, Unfurl, and Unfurl Lounger.

      Pocket Spring Dual: The Epitome of Soft Luxury

      Building on the foundation of the original "Pocket Spring" design, Innovation Living's "Pocket Spring Dual" takes comfort to the next level. This variant shares the general composition of the Pocket Spring models but introduces an extra layer of hyper-soft foam. This addition transforms the sofa bed into an oasis of softness, ideal for both luxurious seating and everyday sleeping.

      Innovation Living Pocket Spring Dual Construction

      The Pocket Spring Dual design is meticulously crafted with multiple layers that work together to create an unparalleled comfort experience:

      • The outer fabric layer welcomes you with a gentle touch.
      • Dual layers of fiberfill add plushness and cushioning.
      • High-resilient foam and an additional foam casing provide a supportive yet soft base.
      • The pocket springs, compressing from 4.7" to 3.9'', offer a responsive support system that adapts to your body.
      • A Fibertex layer ensures durability and maintains the shape of the mattress.
      • The construction is completed with a metal mesh and a rigid metal frame for added stability and longevity.
      Innovation Living Pocket Spring Dual Sofa Beds
      Pictured: Innovation Living MalloyDublexoFrodeCornilaOsvald, and Tripi


      The Pocket Spring Dual is more than a sleeping solution; it's a statement in comfort and modern living, perfectly aligning with our ethos of sustainability and luxury. These sofa beds represent a fusion of soft luxury and everyday practicality, perfect for modern lifestyles. Sofa beds like the Malloy, Dublexo, Frode, Cornila, Osvald, and Tripi, each showcase the exquisite comfort of the Pocket Spring Dual design.

      Excess Pocket Spring: Luxurious Softness Meets Superior Comfort

      Innovation Living's "Excess Pocket Spring" system takes the concept of sofa bed comfort to new heights. This design is centered around higher coils, which provide a noticeably softer feel, ideal for those who prioritize luxury in their seating and sleeping arrangements.

      Innovation Living Excess Pocket Spring Construction

      The Excess Pocket Spring construction is thoughtfully layered for optimum comfort:

      • The outer fabric layer is gentle and inviting, setting the tone for a luxurious experience.
      • Fiberfill adds an extra dimension of plushness, enhancing the cushioning effect.
      • High resilient foam serves as a supportive base, working in conjunction with the springs to offer a harmonious balance of softness and support.
      • The core feature of this design is the 7.9'' to 6.3" pocket springs, which are adept at absorbing pressure and adapting to the body's contours for an unparalleled restful experience.
      • A Fibertex layer is incorporated for lasting durability and shape retention.
      • The design is reinforced with a metal mesh and a rigid metal frame, ensuring stability and long-term use.
      Innovation Living Excess Pocket Spring Sofa Beds
      Pictured: Innovation Living Grand D.E.L., Ran D.E.L., Supremax D.E.L., Cassius D.E.L., and Yonata

        The Excess Pocket Spring approach to sofa bed design embodies Innovation Living's commitment to blending luxury, comfort, and sustainability in furniture that suits modern lifestyles.  Models like the Cassius Deluxe Excess Lounger, Supremax Deluxe Excess Lounger, Ran Deluxe Excess Lounger, Grand Deluxe Excess Lounger, and Yonata showcase the unique benefits of the Excess Pocket Spring design. Each of these models represents a fusion of luxurious softness and practical functionality, perfectly suited for contemporary, eco-conscious living spaces.

        No-zag Spring: Consistently Comfortable and Supportive

        Innovation Living's "No-zag Spring" system is designed to offer an even, soft comfort that is perfect for sofa seats and backrests. This construction method particularly excels in providing a harmonious balance between a comfortable sitting experience and a supportive resting area.

        Innovation Living No-Zag Spring Construction

        Let's delve into the layers that make up the No-zag Spring design:

        • The fabric outer layer is soft to the touch, providing a welcoming initial contact.
        • Fiberfill adds a layer of plushness, enhancing the softness of the seat and backrest.
        • High resilient foam complements the spring structure, amplifying the overall comfort and ensuring a fantastic resting experience.
        • At the core, the 6.3'' pocket springs provide balanced support, conforming to the body's contours for maximum comfort.
        • A Fibertex layer is included for durability and shape retention.
        • The construction is completed with a metal mesh and a rigid metal frame, ensuring stability and longevity of the piece.
          Innovation Living Cubed Sofa Bed with Upholstered Arms
          Pictured: Innovation Living Cubed Sofa Bed featuring the No-Zag Spring


          This design approach showcases Innovation Living's commitment to creating furniture that offers both functionality and comfort, in line with sustainable and modern living principles.  The Innovation Living Cubed Sofa Bed embodies the No-zag spring design, offering a seamless blend of softness and support. It’s an ideal choice for those who appreciate a consistently comfortable and stylish living space and can enhance your home with its unique blend of comfort and contemporary design.

          Dual Memory: Versatile Comfort for Personalized Rest

          Innovation Living's "Dual Memory" mattress is a groundbreaking solution for those who value versatility in their sleeping experience. This reversible mattress offers two distinct comforts in one design, catering to individual preferences for soft or firm support.

          Innovation Living Dual Memory Construction

          The Dual Memory mattress is ingeniously structured for adaptability and comfort:

          • The outer layer is made of fiberfill quilted fabric, which provides a soft and inviting surface on both sides of the mattress.
          • One side of the mattress features 1.6'' of Oeko-Tex certified memory foam, conforming to the body for a softer, more enveloping comfort.
          • The other side boasts 3.1'' of high-density foam, offering a firmer support that's ideal for those who prefer a more substantial sleeping surface.
          • The reversible nature of this mattress means you can easily switch between the two sides to find your perfect comfort level.
            Innovation Living Dual Memory Sofabeds
            Pictured: Innovation Living Eivor and Killian Sofa Beds featuring Dual Memory Construction


            Additionally, the cover of the Dual Memory mattress is removable and washable at 140° F / 60° C, ensuring easy maintenance and hygiene.  The Dual Memory mattress is available for the Eivor and Killian models, each designed to provide a customized rest experience. This mattress is a testament to Innovation Living's commitment to creating flexible, comfortable, and sustainable sleeping solutions for modern lifestyles.

            Chapter 3: The Eco Twist

            Just when I thought it couldn't get better, I learned about Innovation Living's sustainable practices. Planting trees, recycling bottles into fabric, designing for disassembly – it's like Innovation Living is the superhero of the furniture world, fighting the good fight against waste and carbon footprints!

            Flowers in Recycled Bottles

            Conclusion: The Holy Grail Found

            So, what's the verdict? Have I found the holy grail of sofa beds? Absolutely! Innovation Living's designs are the perfect companions for anyone who loves the planet as much as they love sinking into a comfy sofa after a day of eco-advocacy. Join me in this eco-friendly comfort crusade – your behind (and the planet) will thank you!

            Sienna Fernwood, Green Heart Leaf

            Sienna Fernwood, Haiku Designs Guest Blogger

            Signing off with a heart full of green and a mind buzzing with design ideas!

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