Immersing Yourself in the Yoga Lifestyle at Home

Immersing Yourself in the Yoga Lifestyle at Home

The modern world is cluttered, noisy, and chaotic. Especially for urban dwellers, days can feel like an incessant barrage of sights and sounds, a collage of never-ending motion and constant demands on your time. In those moments a magical fantasy invades our minds: giving it all away, trading in our luxuries for a simple robe, and skipping off to the mountains to live amongst Buddhist monks. Or is that just me? Tragically (and luckily) our existence is intertwined with the society surrounding us, the beautiful, the loud, the crazy. Escaping is unlikely, but there is nothing preventing us from carving out just a tiny corner of our world and creating a harmonious retreat. Your home is your escape, the place where every night you rest your physical being; but it can also be where you rest your spiritual and emotional one.

In the past we’ve gone into great detail about furniture that will help you achieve a more harmonious home and Feng Shui techniques to maximize positive energy flow within your home. Collections such as the Currant, Catalina, Azara, Antares, and Contour to name a few, feature sleek, clean, minimalist lines and plentiful storage to aid you in the organization and decluttering of your home. Natural materials such as sustainably sourced hardwoods and the exceptionally eco-friendly, bamboo help you maintain a clean and healthy home free of toxins and harsh chemicals, while the natural grains offer the splendor and majesty of the outdoors. Consciously designing a home that is well balanced and peaceful helps create the serene and tranquil space you want and need. Additionally, it provides the perfect place for you to expand on your relaxation goals and step into a more meditative realm.

Whether your goals are geared more towards mindfulness, physical fitness, or a combination of the two, Haiku Designs offers a range of natural and organic products to help you achieve those objectives. Our meditation cushions come in a variety of sizes, covers, fillings to best suit your needs. The Zafu Meditation Cushions can be ordered in a beautiful silk or a machine washable canvas and can be filled with Kapok Fiber or Organic Buckwheat. Both fillings are exceptionally renewable and supportive. The Zafu Cushions are round and substantial for excellent comfort. Similarly, our Crescent Cushions are available in Silk and Canvas and provide extraordinary comfort when in the traditional Lotus Position. The Lotus Meditation Cushion also provides comfort and support; however, its narrower frame means it can be used while practicing both the Seiza Position as well as the Lotus Position making more versatile than the traditional Zafu. These cushions are expertly designed to promote proper spinal alignment and posture in order to help you achieve mindfulness by eliminating physical discomfort and reducing possible injury.

For more physically demanding yoga practices we offer all-natural mat bolsters. Haiku’s Shiatsu and Thai Mats feature all-natural cotton batting and a removable/washable cover that protects the inner mat. A bit larger than a traditional yoga mat, the Shiatsu provides ample room and comfort for both beginners and advanced practitioners. We at Haiku also offer Flat and Round Yoga Bolsters to support you on your journey towards physical and spiritual wellbeing.

To further enhance your yoga lifestyle at home, consider incorporating Haiku Designs' special meditation furniture. The Bodhi Meditation Chair, crafted from banana leaf and mango wood, offers a lightweight and Zen-like simplicity, perfect for freeing up movement during meditation. Pair it with the Sattva Meditation Chair, a hand-carved mango wood piece with short arms designed for comfort and ease in various meditation postures. Complete your serene space with the Meditation Side Table, a solid mango wood tea table, ideal for keeping meditation essentials like incense and tea within arm's reach. These pieces work harmoniously together to create a tranquil and focused meditation area in your home.

Elevate your Kundalini energy on your quest for Moksha (spiritual liberation) with the help of our Zafu and Crescent Cushions. Relax or challenge your body atop our Shiatsu or Thai Mats. Escape from the noise and chaos of the modern world as you retreat to the peaceful sanctuary that is your home. Haiku Designs understands the necessity for such a space and is here to help you achieve a more relaxed and enlightening existence.

Haiku Designs Staff

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