Haiku Designs and Greenington Furniture: Perfect Match

Haiku Designs & Greenington Furniture: Dealer Spotlight

The night was cold, but the candles and their presence were sufficient in keeping me plenty warm. It was autumn, so fallen leaves of varying shades surrounded our picnic set up. This relationship was a relatively long one, but my love for them never wavered or faltered. Something about their consistency or their strength has always been inspiring, providing a cloak of support that keeps me content and at peace. In the flicker of the candlelight, they look up and whisper, “do you believe in sustainability, Haiku Designs?” I respond, “of course I do, Greenington! You know I do!”

Ok, I’m kidding. This isn’t the beginning of a Nicholas Sparks romance novel, but our love for Greenington Furniture is true and deep. Haiku and Greenington share a commitment and a passion for sustainability that few others match. Greenington has chosen to take a stance against deforestation by helping to popularize a powerful alternative to solid hardwood. Moso Bamboo is not only as sturdy and hard as solid wood, but it also grows at an astounding rate, making it a renewable resource. Environmentally friendly and sustainable, Greenington Furniture is also exquisitely and artfully crafted, displaying a level of quality that others would certainly charge an arm and a leg for. Yet another noteworthy fact about Greenington is the design. Sleek, elegant, clean, sophisticated, modern, beautiful… I could go on. Their styling decisions are about much more than Contemporary Design. Their enchanting minimalism transcends decades and style fads. Greenington believes in designing and crafting heirloom-quality pieces that will not only stand the test of time but fashion as well.


For all the reasons aforementioned and many MANY more, we, Haiku Designs, love Greenington. And that fondness is reciprocal! Recently, Greenington reached out wanting to get to know Haiku a little better. They asked about our history, our favorite Greenington pieces, and about what made us decide to carry Greenington products. My responses were unabashed and overly enthusiastic, to say the least, but Greenington was appreciative and excited by our commitment to their brand. So much so that they have now featured Haiku Designs in a Dealer Spotlight on their website.

Greenington and Haiku Designs Interview Highlights

How are you different than your competitors/peers?

Our extraordinarily personal customer service is unmatched. When you call us, you won’t get a machine or put on hold for an indeterminate amount of time. Our Haiku Concierge is here for you and whatever you may need. One of two people will answer your call meaning you’ll never experience the frustration of needing to explain your situation to a different person every time you call. Our Haiku Concierges, Evan, and Leah remember your inquiry, remember your name, remember you. To our staff, you are a person, not a purchase order number. Have a question? Give us a call! Need a few more details and help to compare products? Let us know! Need some help making a decision or help with the site? We are here to help!

What is your favorite Greenington piece?

I have to mention several because deciding on one would be impossible. I love the Sienna Bedroom in Caramelized. The tapered legs, the slatted headboard, the sleek drawer pulls – I love it all. Another favorite of mine is the Rowan Media Center in Havana. Its slatted front allows access to media consoles without the need for open shelving, permitting a cleaner, more elegant display. Not to mention the gorgeous finish! I could easily go through the whole catalog this way, but I’ll only mention one more and that is the Azara Occasional Collection. Its classic, Mid-Century Modern design, the slim open shelving beneath the tabletop, and of course the striking, tiger bamboo accent! Just, perfect.

I love working hard to create a beautifully curated catalog filled with stunning pieces that help realize our vision for a greener, more harmonious world. It can often be time-consuming, searching for perfect products that meet ours and our customers’ high standards, but it is certainly time well spent. That’s what Haiku is here for! To do the hard work for you! To help you be confident about what you’re bringing into your home. Greenington takes all that effort and just flushes it down the toilet. Not in a sabotaging kind of way, but in a “no need, everything we create is perfect for Haiku” kind of way. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love Greenington, and I am extremely excited to be adding new Greenington products to our offering. So you best be on the look-out! They’re coming… soon.


Haiku Designs Dealer Spotlight at Greenington

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