Good-Trendy: The Natural Latex Mattress Revolution

Good-Trendy: The Natural Latex Mattress Revolution

Haiku Designs is leading the Natural Latex Mattress Revolution!

Some trends deserve to be relegated to the graveyard of bad ideas, never to return again. We're betting that future generations will have nothing particularly good to say about harem pants, mullets (“business in the front, party in the back!”), Hard Rock Cafe T-Shirts for cities the wearer has never been to, or the practice of renting out valuable dermal real estate for permanent, corporate logo tattoos. In fact, anyone who eventually winds up with grandchildren will doubtless have some explaining to do.

But there are some trends that are beginning to catch on these days that might very well redeem us in the eyes of these future, hypothetical descendants. One of the most important trends is the focus of sustainable practices in sourcing materials and manufacturing goods.

Avoiding the Old School Methodologies of Petrochemical Mattresses

Old-fashioned and mass produced mattresses are often made of 100% petrochemicals, with other toxic chemicals added into the mix. Polyester fillings and foams, and synthetic fabrics and other materials off-gas a litany of horrible toxins into the air, many of which are known carcinogens. Those that haven't actually been proven (yet) to cause cancer often contribute to allergies. In fact, sleeping on an older bed packed with icky dust mites is one of the leading causes of flare-ups among allergy sufferers. And all of us, in varying degrees, are allergic to these chemicals. None of us are immune, although the lucky few exhibit fewer symptoms. Physical effects of off-gassed chemicals and other toxins in badly produced furniture and unhealthy mattresses have been linked to lethargy, headaches, rashes, and other unpleasant conditions.

Natural, Eco-Friendly and Organic Mattresses

Haiku Designs Eco-Friendly and All-Natural Latex Mattresses

Our Sweet Dreams All Natural Latex Mattress is Certified GOLS Organic and entirely chemical free. The Nidra Natural Sleep Latex Mattress is an affordable, all-natural choice when shopping for an eco-friendly alternative to your outdated, toxin-ridden mattress. The Natural Sleep Select Comfort Mattress is a natural version of the Air Chamber Mattress, unrivaled in modern sleeping comfort.

Once you've chosen a mattress, look into our Organic Total Sleep Systems. We at Haiku Designs have you covered: from mattress to mattress topper, to bedding, to pillows and sheets. All natural cotton, silks, wool, and other natural fibers that feel great against your skin. All guaranteed to be free of dangerous chemicals and off-gassing.

Choose our Organic Total Sleep Systems for your Future!


Natural, Eco-Friendly and Organic Mattresses at Haiku Designs
Natural, Eco-Friendly and Organic Mattress Collection at Haiku Designs


And all perfectly justifiable to those hypothetical future nieces or nephews who demand to know what former generations were thinking when they allowed such dangerous products to be legally manufactured and sold in the free market. You'll be able to say, “Hey, now! Our generation actually cared about these things. We tried to be the change we wanted to happen.” (Our future selves will be old geezers, and therefore will have no qualms paraphrasing Gandhi quotes in a desperate attempt to defend ourselves.) Sure, they will probably still have a lot of questions about “planking” and unsettling My Little Pony fan art created by grown men. But at least they'll have you to thank for the healthy bed they are sleeping on, and the clean air in their room.

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