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You may have heard about the Farm to Table movement, but let us now introduce you to Forest to Table! Ok, maybe it’s not a movement yet, but we all have to start somewhere, right? Farm to Table is about helping local growers and farmers, high quality, artisanal products, industry transparency and eco-friendliness. A lot of these principles have started to take hold of various industries, maybe as a result of global warming awareness or maybe that’s just where we are in the natural progression of competition in the free market. Whatever the case may be, the Forest to Table movement celebrates domestic craftsmen and their commitment to reducing their environmental footprint.

Copeland Furniture is one of our favorites. Their beautiful solid wood furniture is artfully crafted in stunning American hardwoods such as Cherry, Oak, Walnut, Maple, and Ash. Copeland harvests all of their wood from sustainable forests within 500 miles of their Vermont facility, which means reduced fossil fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. Copeland craftsman take quality artistry to the next level making everything to order, which explains their lead times. But hey, who can blame can’t rush art.

Now picture this: it’s fall, the air is crisp, the leaves are falling, you just spent the day at your local farmer’s market sipping on a delicious cup of hot cider. You’re arriving home with the day’s haul, a glorious and colorful collection of organic fruits and vegetables nestled snugly in the hand-crafted wicker basket hanging on your forearm. What table will you be setting this down on? A table made of questionably sourced materials, manufactured under controversial labor practices, imported from far away, or one of Copeland’s exquisite hardwood extension dining room tables such as the AudreyCatalina, or Essentials Farm Table. A solid wood table made in America from locally sourced hardwood. A table made by people who care about the environment, who care about their employees, who care about the customer’s experience. THAT is the kind of table worthy of your Farmers’ Market spoils.Copeland Audrey Dining Table

Audrey Dining Table

 Copeland Catalina Dining Table

 Catalina Dining Table

Copeland Essentials Modern Farmhouse

Essentials Dining Table

Another high-quality domestic manufacturer is Saloom. Located amongst the maple forests of Massachusetts, Saloom Furniture has been hand crafting high-quality pieces for almost 40 years. Solid maple is their material of choice and what a choice it is! Their Alton Dining Table is a contemporary beauty and features a removable leaf making this the ideal piece for large family gatherings. I’m imagining an exquisite cornucopia as the centerpiece for Thanksgiving dinner. Loved ones gathered around, chit chat and laughter filling the air. 

Saloom Alton Dining Table

Eco-friendliness is multifaceted. There’s a lot more to it than just ethically sourced raw material. It’s about the labor practices, being conscious of carbon emissions, and supporting “local” artisans who care more about quality than their bottom line. Forest to Table celebrates the attention to detail that manufactures like Copeland and Saloom make the centerpiece of their business. Also no tariffs! Whoop whoop!

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