Five Hot Modern Bedroom Furniture Trends

Five Hot Modern Bedroom Furniture Trends

"How cool the breeze-
the empty sky is filled with
the sound of the pines."

Arguably the biggest new design trend is an upswing in the popularity of minimalistic furniture with their clean lines, rich natural wood grains, and neutral color palettes of Scandinavian design create a relaxing bedroom environment.

1. The Beauty of Minimalism

Our Cove Beach Platform Storage Bed seamlessly combines elements of a contemporary driftwood finish with the bold, clean appeal of Scandinavian design. This gorgeous bed supplies tons of room for storage in two huge drawers accessed at the foot of the bed. Because it's a true platform bed, there is no need for a box spring mattress that takes up valuable space that can be used for storage.

2. Reclaimed Furniture gives New Life to your Home

Another popular trend in modern decorating is the use of reclaimed furniture. Salvaged wood is often incorporated into original one-of-a-kind furniture pieces, typically resulting in a rustic look. The design esthetic at Haiku Designs is timeless and minimalist, but we love the idea of reclaimed wood – so we located a manufacturer who works with solid mango wood. Traditionally, mango trees are harvested for their fruit, and at the end of their fruit-bearing years they are burned to make room for new trees. What a waste! Our mango wood furniture comes from those mature trees, which were saved from burning and crafted into gorgeous furniture that positively glows with a deep, lustrous sheen.

3. Platform Beds are More Popular Than Ever

Copeland Moduluxe Japanese Platform Bed at Haiku Designs

Platform beds have been around a long time especially in Europe or the East. Platform beds, strictly speaking are beds that use a platform wood structure to support the mattress. More traditional beds use a box spring and a bed open frame system to hold the mattress. Generally platform beds do not need a box spring to support the mattress. The mattress sits on series of solid wood slats to support the mattress. This trend fits nicely with the minimalist influence that is so popular today as it allows for a lower profile, more simple look bedframe. Consider the Moduluxe Platform Bed for the ultimate in beautifully designed platform beds.

4. Sustainable Furniture is a Must

Few trends of the year are hotter than sustainable materials, and few materials are more impressive than natural bamboo. The bamboo plant is actually a type of grass, so it grows very quickly – as much as three feet (one meter) per day – and can be harvested every year. Our platform beds and platform storage beds are always made of sustainable materials. Greenington's Azara Bed and coordinated nightstands and dressers are a stunning example of modern bamboo furniture. With its layers of hand-selected Tiger Bamboo in contrasting finishes, this sleek, modern bed is an instant makeover for any bedroom.

Copeland's Astrid Platform Bed is an artistic example of another big trend in design: eco-friendly furniture. Its splayed, tapered legs give it an edgy, Mid Century Modern vibe. The built-in side tables eliminate the need for nightstands, giving the whole room an airy, uncluttered look. Copeland Furniture is a world leader in eco-friendly furniture design, using only sustainably harvested North American hardwoods and the latest in environmentally friendly building processes. All Copeland finishes boast extremely low chemical emissions, improving the indoor air quality of your home.

5. Consumers Demand Upcycled and Recycled Materials

Today's hottest designers love to work with upcycled or recycled materials. Recycled furniture and reclaimed furniture are easily one of the year's most popular trends. Upcycled furniture is created directly from salvaged items, which are combined to make new pieces or repurposed to serve an entirely new function. Recycled furniture and furnishings are fresh, new products that are made from processed, recycled materials. Our recycled rugs and Eco-Friendly Rugs make a dramatic statement in your bedroom, and are luxuriously soft underfoot. As an environmentally conscious shopper, you'll be proud to display these rugs in your home, knowing that they're crafted from recycled paper, silk, and cotton.

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