Experience the Beauty of Simplicity

Experience the Beauty of Simplicity

Our modern world is plagued by constant sensory overload. Between our commutes, work, television, internet, occasional unpleasant social interactions, the general chaos of urban living, and everything else we may experience on a regular basis, we are continuously being bombarded by an onslaught of sensory stimulation. We all crave a retreat from it, and often we may not realize that our own home can be that escape- that soothing and relaxing place that will surround you with the necessary tranquility to recharge. Instead we search for happiness in more and more stuff; but in truth that fleeting feeling of joy has nothing to do with the item we now possess, and all to do with the distraction from our stressors. Simplicity is about letting that all go, about creating for yourself a peaceful escape from the excesses of everyday life and realizing that the material overload was in fact contributing to the chaos.

Decorating for Simplicity is Beautiful

Simple living need not equate bland or boring, and it certainly does not mean renouncing everything you hold dear. The goal is not to live within 4 plain, solid walls- that would be maddening- but to make conscious decisions about what is really essential and what will help you to achieve more meaningful and soul nourishing experiences, without sacrificing beauty and luxury.

Haiku Designs is proud to provide a grand array of stylish minimalist furnishings for every room: elegant furnishings that will bring the serenity of nature into your exquisite home. These pieces are eco-friendly and sustainably sourced allowing you to coexist harmoniously with mother earth, and are expertly crafted to be magnificent centerpieces in whatever space they reside in.

Bedroom Furniture Collections that are Simple and Beautiful

The Contour Bedroom Set is a chic and stylish collection of Mid-Century Modern design. Crafted in sustainably harvested, solid Walnut or Ash, the Contour Bedroom Set features a clean and minimalist profile for simple elegance. The Currant Bedroom Set is crafted in 100% Moso Bamboo making it exceptionally eco-friendly, and it features a low-profile platform bed with a slatted headboard. The Greenington Antares Living Room Collection and Studio Line Desk and Bookshelves are crafted in Exotic Moso Bamboo and are true testaments to the splendor of simplicity. The rich tone of the Exotic Bamboo creates a warm and welcoming tone, and the beauty of the grain is accentuated by the simple lines and slim profile of the various pieces.

The afore mentioned collections, and many more, are designed to help you achieve harmony through simplicity. They encourage you to declutter in order to truly showcase the natural beauty of the solid wood grain, or the variations in the bamboo. The clean and simple lines allow for a more fluid and natural flow of energy. In time you may come to find that an overabundance of material possessions did not appease the desire for a peaceful and relaxing space, and in that moment Haiku Designs is committed to offering shelter that provides tranquility, design that creates simplicity.

Jovanna, Haiku Designs Staff
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