Dust Mites under a Microscope

Everything You Need to Know about Dust Mites (But Were Probably Afraid to Ask)

Dust mites are microscopic creatures that can live by the millions in your bed. They thrive in stale, dark, moist environments, and are found most often in synthetic and foam material mattresses. The honeycomb structure of synthetic foams, as well as the predominate use of synthetic fibers in spring coil mattresses, provide a perfect environment in which dust mites thrive.

Experts agree that one of the main causes of allergies and illness today is the allergic reaction to dust mites and dust mite waste products in our sleeping environment. Dust mites live on human skin flakes and dander and thrive in any type of synthetic mattress. Itchy and red eyes, undue fatigue, skins rashes, restless sleep, congestion, coughing and sneezing fits, runny nose and other allergic reactions, are signs of dust mite contamination.

Natural materials, on the other hand, do not provide a place for dust mites to live. Wool, Cotton, Latex are naturally anti-microbial. The unique dry porous structure of these natural materials leaves no place for dust mites to reside. All Haiku Designs mattresses and futons use only natural materials such as Pure Latex, and Unbleached Cotton.

In addition, the Haiku Designs "Total Sleep System" allows air to circulate through the sleep environment due to the slat style construction upon which the mattress is placed, and the special "Flow Through" material on the bottom of our mattresses. This constant exchange of fresh air for stale air in the mattress acts as a further significant deterrent to dust mites, and molds.

Haiku Designs sleeping platforms are made of Natural products and do not use synthetic petrochemical foams, veneers, or glues, either in the bed frame or in any of our futon or mattresses. The result is that your bed is not a host for dust mites and other microbes and does not off-gas petrochemical toxins into your sleeping environment.

Make the healthy decision and choose a Total Sleep Care system from Haiku Designs.

And Rest Easy.

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