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Creating Harmony in the Home Since 1990
Creating Harmony in the Home Since 1990Furniture Ships Free
Creating Harmony in the Home Since 19901-800-736-7614

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Eco-Friendly Japanese Furniture

Eco-Friendly Japanese Furniture

Raku Japanese Tatami Platform Bed
Rake Tatami Platform Bed

The Japanese people are quite skilled when it comes to interior design and decorating. From Shoji screens to calligraphy prints and platform-beds to rice-paper lamps or rugs made from natural fibers, Japan has contributed a great deal to the aesthetic dimension of both office life and domestic life. The Japanese have an eye for detail and a keen sense for the bigger picture, all for the sake of creating harmony and balance.

Haiku Designs Bonsai Tree

Inspired by the Zen philosophy and the art of Feng Shui, the Japanese people have achieved a unique approach to interior design that combines simplicity with a refined taste in modern décor. Living on an island with so little space, compared to the size of their population, the people of Japan have acquired a mindful relationship to physical space and the placement of material possessions. Everything has a purpose and a place and nothing goes unnoticed or ignored.


Tentai Dining Table
Currant Dining Table

Relying on simplicity, the Japanese approach to interior design is very consistent with the environmentally responsible ‘Green movement’ and its eco-friendly practices. Inspired by this tradition and its contemporary style, Haiku Designs has been dedicated to promoting and employing environmental stewardship through the trade of eco friendly furniture and Green practices since it opened its doors over twenty-five years ago. We sell a variety of Asian inspired and green furniture that not only embodies the Japanese culture but also fuses it with the needs of modern society.

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