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Eco-Friendly Bamboo Platform Beds

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Platform Beds

Nagoya Bamboo Platform Bed

Bamboo is suddenly over the last few years making a huge appearance on the home décor and home interior products scene. From textiles to construction materials, bamboo is declaring its Strength, Versatility, and Earth Friendly qualities. A wide range of furniture products including platform beds, bedroom furniture, and dining room furniture is now being made from bamboo timber. Bamboo timber is stronger and more sturdy than solid oak wood, and is resistant to cracking, chipping or warping. In addition, bamboo timber can shrink or expand slightly in moist or dry conditions, meaning that furniture from solid bamboo timber is equally suited for environments that are moist and humid, such as Florida, but is also great for places such as Arizona, where the humidity is much less.

Bamboo grows like a weed, and after it is cut, the root system stays in tack so new trees can grow. Unlike pine and oak forests, which take decades to recover, bamboo is a sustainable resource with the resilience to grow back quickly. Wood is a natural substance, although it doesn’t grow at the same rate as bamboo, which can grow up to five inches every day. While bamboo can be harvested within the first year, pine, oak and mahogany take decades to be replenished. The root systems of bamboo also create an underground trap for water, preventing mudslides. Behaving more like a weed than a tree, bamboo is considered to be among the most quickly developing plants on earth.

Sustainable Bamboo Forest

Bamboo is exceptionally strong and has been used in Asian countries for many years in home and building construction. Unlike concrete, bamboo retains its flexibility after being harvested, so it is safer for populated areas exposed to earthquakes, since the house moves with the quake, instead of trying to resist it like concrete. For every acre of bamboo grown, the trees remove 30 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere. This helps stabilize the planet against the effects of human waste, air-pollution and global-warming. A sustainable resource, bamboo is one of nature's renewable gifts. It is also a strong carbon-sequester, releasing 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere than trees, helping to reduce greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change.

Because of the ease of harvesting and how abundantly it grows, bamboo is considerably cheaper than other wood products. With its naturally smooth texture and its unique color, bamboo is an elegant choice for a bedframe, and its durability will stand the test of time better than oak. Dining room or bedroom furniture made from bamboo does not off gas any VOC’s, (Volatile Organic Compounds) gases into the sleeping or eating environments. In addition, Bamboo furniture is produced cleanly, using no toxic chemicals or finishes in or on the surface of the furniture.

All this adds up to a Bamboo being a great wood source for a wide range of products, offering a beautiful look, and excellent quality as well as a strong suite of Earth friendly advantages.

The benefits of bamboo include:
1. Growing and cultivating without pesticides or insecticides;
2. Providing a necessary habitat for wildlife;
3. Thriving on rainwater, instead of needing significant quantities of irrigated water.

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