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Top Furniture Brands for Sustainability: Earth Day Shout-Outs

For Earth Day, we wanted to take a minute to send a few "Shout Outs" to a few of our favorite manufacturers for being positive role models and setting an example for creating furniture built to last, keeping it out of landfills, and using materials that are renewable, sustainable and responsible. So, we're sending our Shout-Out to Greenington, Copeland Furniture, Home Trends & Design, Harmonia Living and Innovation Living on this Earth Day, and featuring them in today's Earth Day Manufacturer Showcase.  Keep it Green!

Which furniture brands are the most eco-friendly?

Greenington Azara Platform Bed in Sable
Pictured: Greenington Azara Platform Bed in Sable, with Azara Nightstand and Azara Double Dresser.

Greenington Fine Bamboo Furniture

Greenington Fine Bamboo Furniture is known as the  top brand for beautiful furniture made from eco-friendly bamboo. Bamboo is known for its strength, beauty and durability, but did you also know it is one of the fastest-growing renewable resources. It is also sustainably harvested, resulting in minimal environmental impact, while at the same time, creating a beautiful and natural look. Greenington is a member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council and show leadership towards minimizing carbon emissions, reducing stream pollutants and sourcing  materials from sustainable sources. Read more about Greenington.

Copeland Sloane Floating Upholstered Platform Bed
Pictured: Copeland Sloane Floating Upholstered Platform Bed (with optional light kit) and Sloane 2-Drawer Nightstands.

Copeland Furniture

Copeland Furniture is a Haiku Designs favorite brand who is another environmental role model.  Copeland Furniture manufactures its furniture from American Northern Forest Hardwoods, most of it being sourced from within 500 miles of their factory (consuming less energy for transport) and all of the wood being considered Low Risk by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Additionally, Copeland Furniture received the Sage Award for Environmental Excellence. Copeland even has collections like the Linn, Sloane, and Essentials Tables that are constructed from upcycled lumber from Copeland's manufacturing process.  In addition to creating heirloom-quality furniture pieces that can last for generations in your family, Copeland also uses renewable energy like solar panels and bio-mass heat generation, reduces emissions, and continues to find ways to show leadership and environmental responsibility.  Read more about Copeland Furniture here.

Home Trends & Design Glenwood Live Edge Bedroom
Pictured: Home Trends & Design Glenwood Live Edge Platform Bed, Glenwood Live Edge Nightstand and Glenwood Live Edge Dresser

Home Trends & Design

Home Trends & Design stands at the forefront of sustainable furniture innovation, recognized for their pioneering spirit and their role as a founding member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council as well as the Mango Foundation. The Mango Foundation is an organization to help prevent further deforestation in furniture's name by planting trees and bringing awareness to their importance. Mango trees are harvested when their productivity declines, so new fast growing trees can be planted in their place. Through their commitment to using reclaimed materials and their involvement in the Mango Foundation, Home Trends & Design demonstrates leadership in the green movement within the furniture industry.  Read more about Home Trends & Design's sustainability here.

Harmonia Living Kondo Japanese Platform Bed
Pictured: Harmonia Living Kondo Japanese Platform Bed with Kondo Small Nightstands

Harmonia Living

Harmonia Living is another favorite brand of ours.  Featuring FSC Teak and V-Legal Timber, the wood used to build the beautiful indoor pieces are coming from responsibly harvested plantations of mahogany, teak and mindi wood, which takes pressure off threatened rainforests.  Harmonia Living also uses their responsibly harvested Teak in their outdoor collections. Additionally, Harmonia Living uses premium aluminum frames, recyclable all-weather wicker, so these outdoor pieces have longer lifespans than "fast furniture", keeping them in use on your patio and out of the landfill!  Learn more about Harmonia Living here.

Innovation Living Osvald
Pictured: Innovation Living Osvald Sleeper Sofa with Cornila Storage Ottoman

Innovation Living

One of our favorite Living Room brands is Innovation Living, specializing in convertible sleeper sofas.  Innovation Living has been a pioneer for sustainable practices, with initiatives focused on disassembly and recycling, so at the end of an piece's lifecycle, it can be taken apart to be recycled or reused. Innovation Living also focuses on designing the pieces to be packaged flatter, allowing more efficient packaging and storage, which reduces CO2 emissions during transport. Innovation Living also plants over 10,000 trees every year to give back to Nature. Innovation Living also innovates in terms of creating some of their fabrics from recycled bottles as well as creating pieces with detachable covers that can be washed, extending the life of your furniture, keeping it out of the landfill. Learn more about Innovation Living's sustainable practices here.

All of these manufacturers take pride in their brand and show leadership when it comes to sustainability and protecting our planet, and definitely worth an Earth Day Shout-Out!🌱✨

Sienna Fernwood, Green Heart Leaf

Sienna Fernwood, Haiku Designs Guest Blogger

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