Dining Room Tables - Just in Time for the Holidays

Dining Room Tables - Just in Time for the Holidays

Exeter Extendable Dining Room Table
Exeter Extension Table (Cherry)

The Holidays are upon us and that means large family gatherings and impressive feasts. We at Haiku Designs wish to help you make the most out of these experiences with a wide selection of extension dining room tables that will stylishly and comfortably hold all of your family’s traditional dishes. Arguably the heart of the home, your dining room is deserving of a stunning piece that is natural, strong, durable, and beautiful, just like your family.

I don’t know about you, but I have turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes on the mind. With November right around the corner, many of us are preparing for the family gatherings that are sure to take place. As much as I love the holidays, I will be the first to admit they can be horribly stressful. It’s always around this time that I suddenly remember I didn’t save for Christmas presents like I said I would. Or the fact that I have yet to figure out travel plans. Or, you know, emotionally preparing oneself for the torture that is black friday. However, there is one thing that gets me through it all: love. Forget Valentine’s Day! Thanksgiving invites us to not only express our love and appreciation for our friends and family, but also encourages introspection. Why are we grateful? Despite all possible hardships, there is always something to be grateful for and when you’re amongst family, surrounded by your loved ones, finding reasons to be thankful is not difficult. 

Which brings me to my next point. Where oh where will you seat all your guests to partake in such a glorious feast? Let me tell you. They shall be comfortably seated at a magnificent, Extension Table, masterfully designed for such grand occasions. Let us explore some of those options together. 

The Exeter Extension Table

Exeter Double Leaf Dining Table in Natural Walnut
Exeter Double Leaf Extension Table (Natural Walnut)

Let us begin with my personal favorite: the Exeter Dining Table. Exquisitely crafted in solid Cherry or Walnut wood, the Exeter Collection by Copeland Furniture is supreme quality and craftsmanship. With an absolutely stunning geometric base and a vast table top, the Exeter has both a natural, calm energy and daring, bold character. Available with either a single or double self-storing extension leaf, the Exeter Extension Tables were built to perfectly accommodate large gatherings. The Single Leaf Exeter has a starting length of 72” and extends to 92”, comfortably seating 10 people. The Double Leaf Exeter has the same starting length of 72” and extends first to 92” then to a whopping 112” to easily accommodate up to 12 guests, and possibly a couple more depending on how much your relatives like each other. Additionally, its minimalist, modern design means the Exeter pairs well with most dining chairs, as it is clean and simple enough to not clash with other pieces; however, if you wish to achieve the elegance pictured above, I’d suggest pairing the Exeter with the Kyoto Dining Chairs and Copeland Exeter Buffet. Not Pictured are the Exeter Dining Chairs, but those would make an exquisite pairing as well. In addition to the extension top, the Exeter also has a fixed wood tabletop as well as a glass option.  Last thing before I move on, the Exeter Tables in Natural Cherry and Natural Walnut are a part of Copeland’s Quick Ship program, meaning they will ship within 1 week! 

The Audrey Extension Table

Greenington Audrey Bamboo Extension Table
Audrey Extension Table (Autumn Cherry)

Another superb choice, the Audrey Extension Table is a beautiful piece crafted in solid Cherry or Walnut. Like the Exeter, the Audrey is also part of the Quick Ship program. Unlike the Exeter, ALL Audreys- every size, every wood finish- will ship within 2 weeks, giving you all the power and freedom to choose what best suits your space without having to worry about what will be ready on time. What is amazing about the Audrey is the amount of size options available. They range from a 42”W x 72”L that extends to 84”L, to a 46”W x 84”L that extends to an incredible 108”, just in case your dining room can’t accommodate something as massive as the Exeter. Additionally, the Audrey is a Copeland product which means you will undoubtedly be purchasing a high-quality, eco-friendly, American made product, of heirloom quality. With a Copeland Dining Table, you won’t ever have to worry about replacing tattered, old, crumbling tables, as you will be handing down these masterpieces for generations. 

Copeland Modern Farmhouse Trestle Table

Copeland Essentials Farm Style Dining Table with Benches
Copeland Modern Farmhouse Trestle Table (Natural Walnut)

Shifting momentarily away from the extension tables, I wanted to take a second to highlight the Copeland Modern Farmhouse Trestle Table. Incredibly popular right now in style, the Modern Farmhouse Table truly captures the chic farmhouse aesthetic, especially with its trestle benches and tractor-style seats. The Modern Farmhouse Collection is the embodiment of Copeland’s commitment to sustainability as its table top is artfully crafted in Copeland’s own wood “scraps” creating a stunning mosaic effect that is inherently rustic and whimsically artisanal. 

The Currant Bamboo Dining Table Extendable

Greenington Currant Bamboo Dining Table
Currant Bamboo Dining Room Table Extendable (Caramelized)

SWERVE! Okay, back to business. The Currant Bamboo Dining Table is a fabulous alternative to the solid hardwood tables listed above. Expertly crafted in 100% Moso Bamboo, the Currant Dining Table is both extraordinarily durable and eco-friendly. Additionally, the Currant is available in two stunning finishes: classic Caramelized and rich Black Walnut. With a maximum length of 92”, the Currant Bamboo Dining Table can easily and comfortably seat 8 guests. Perhaps even a couple more for an extra cozy fit. Furthermore, the Currant Collection also features matching dining chairs and a sideboard for all your glassware and silverware. Dine in conscientious and stylish fashion with the Currant Dining Collection.

As stressful as the holidays can be, let us all come together in peace and harmony, and celebrate being thankful for the many opportunities bestowed upon us by the universe and mother earth. Celebrate family, friendships, good health, loving pets, careers, promotions, and new hobbies. With all that can divide us, it’s important to take a break from all the constant bickering to remember that we are all human, and all just trying to make it through this world as happily and gracefully as we can. As we all sit, gathered around the dining room table, focus on what is important: on sharing a delicious meal with those who love and support you despite the occasional mistake. Share your passions and your goals, your struggles and stories of perseverance. And please, for the love of [insert preferred deity or higher power] don’t bring up the impeachment. Or maybe do. I don’t know you or your family squabbles. Maybe y’all roll that way.

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