Craftsman Feature - Copeland Furniture

Craftsman Feature - Copeland Furniture

In the early 1970s, Tim Copeland set out to create a company that manufactured wood products crafted in natural hardwoods, starting with a cider press and eventually evolving to home furniture. Today, a home furnishings giant, Copeland remains resolute in their pledge to providing quality, solid hardwood furniture made to last for generations. Copeland Furniture is passionately committed to sustainability through the implementation of environmentally friendly wood harvesting, the application of state-of-the-art technology, and an unwavering promise to provide high-quality products.

Eco-Friendly Sustainability from Copeland Furniture

Sustainability starts with the raw materials and at Copeland Furniture every piece of wood is harvested in an environmentally conscious way, from forests within 500 miles of Copeland’s manufacturing facility in Bradford, Vermont. These hardwoods are American grown and because American forests are heavily regulated there is an inherently low risk for illegal or non-sustainable practices. Still, Copeland takes it a step further by embracing Vermont’s strict culture of conservation and choosing to source locally. Additionally, living and working in the region from which the raw materials are harvested means less fossil fuel consumption and less carbon dioxide emissions. Copeland Furniture’s continuous efforts to minimize their ecological footprint has earned them Silver Exemplary Membership status with the Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC) as well as a Sage Award- an award that recognizes environmental accomplishments within the home furnishings industry.

Innovation and Craftsmanship from Copeland Furniture

Copeland’s state-of-the-art facility helps to further sustainability through the combination of cutting-edge technology and skilled craftsmanship, bringing you consistently beautiful pieces while reducing waste. Copeland’s facility features technologically advanced machinery that calculates the best use of raw lumber for optimal use of the material, and other equipment that shapes each item for exact precision each and every time. In fact, it was Copeland’s commitment to minimizing waste led to the creation of the Essentials line- a collection of dining and occasional tables crafted in the “shorts”, or pieces cut from the raw lumber that were at first deemed slightly imperfect, artfully put together to create beautiful table tops with character. Once the individual components are formed, Copeland furniture is hand-sanded, hand-assembled, and hand-finished ensuring each piece receives that personal touch of quality assurance. Finally, Copeland’s wood finishes are catalyzed lacquers for exceptional protection and durability, and Greenguard Certified for low chemical emissions. Superior furniture requires superior materials, and superior craftsmanship; and that is what Copeland provides.

Copeland Furniture understands that another aspect of sustainability is whether or not a piece is “high-quality”. High-quality furniture is capable of withstanding the test of time. It is furniture that will not need replacement after a few short years or become fashionably obsolete. Copeland Furniture achieves this by crafting incredibly durable, modern pieces that are absolutely timeless. Pieces that are heirloom quality will endure for generations transcending fashion and trends- Copeland Furniture products do just that. Sleek and elegant, clean and classic, Copeland furniture is chameleonic in nature, adaptive by design.

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