Choosing the right Japanese Sleeping Mat

Choosing the right Japanese Sleeping Mat

Benefits of Japanese Sleeping Mats

If you are looking to sleep in a minimalist and comfortable environment, a Japanese futon may be the right option for you. Completely customized with a modern twist, Japanese sleeping mats can offer you a firm and high-quality sleeping experience. Crafted with eco-friendly, all-natural organic cotton and other natural latex and wool materials, the unbleached and non-toxic Japanese sleeping mat is a perfect choice to benefit your sleep and practice good environmental stewardship with your choice purchase. If you are looking to purchase a Japanese sleeping mat, please review the following tips to help you decide what mat is right for you.

Rolled up Japanese Shiki Mat on Raku Tatami Platform Bed

Identifying a Quality Japanese Sleeping Mat

Easy Steps to Identifying a Quality Japanese Sleeping Mat

  • Identify a reputable online store and manufacturer that specializes in eco-friendly furniture. Although there may be many online retailers who claim to be the best, you are better off going with a specialist who offers more than two decades of experience in the eco-friendly and Japanese design industry. This will help to ensure that you get the quality purchase you are seeking.
  • Find out how the mat was made – Cost effective Japanese sleeping mats are handmade in the USA. High-quality products feature a natural latex core that is crafted of 100% botanical Dunlop latex and organic cotton surrounding the mat. The high quality mat should then be wrapped in a layer of felted thermal regulating organic wool, which is sourced from eco-friendly suppliers, most of which reside and work on the California coast and in Oregon. The organic wool and supportive latex should be constructed by hand for guaranteed outstanding resilience, excellent orthopedic support, and an overall comfortable feel. The finished product should be wrapped in a heavy cotton twill cover and should contain no chemical fire retardants.
  • Look for certifications in both Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) and Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). The Global Organic Textile Standard is the globally recognized textile processing standard for all organic fibers, and the Global Organic Latex Standard shows that the rubber in the Japanese sleeping mat has met or exceeded stringent standards in the manufacturing process.
  • Choose E-1 certified Japanese sleeping mats - E-1 certification proves that the mattress has been tested and approved to European off gas emission standards. This way, you can be sure that the mattress is not made using manufacturing methods that may introduce toxic chemicals to your skin or lungs. This is essential to consider in your sleeping place because you spend at least a third of your life breathing the air around your bed.

Combine Japanese Shiki Mats with Tatami Sleeping Mats on the Raku Tatami Platform Bed (or other Japanese Platform Beds) for a total Japanese-inspired sleeping environment!

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