2020 Design Trends

2020 Design Trends

It’s furniture trade show time and everything is cancelled so I thought today we could talk 2020 interior design trends. For all those that have a wee bit of time to kill and an overwhelming and inescapable sense of monotony that wish to make some subtle (or not so subtle) changes to their homes during quarantine, have I got some tips for you. Bust out your creativity hats, pour yourself a glass of wine, and imagine what could be if only you had the time… oh wait... *laughs to hide the tears*... we definitely have the time.

2020 Color Palette

The past few years have been about subtle pastels, neutral tones all around, clean and chic color palettes, but in 2020 we’re throwing all of that out along with all other societal norms and human behaviors developed and held somewhat consistent in years past. Why? Because 2020 ain't got no chill, that’s why. I’m kidding, but drastic change seems to be in the air, so we’re embracing the transformation in a bold and beautiful way. That’s right: pale monochromatics out, bold and vibrant in. Previous color trends called for cool tones- gray on gray on gray being a very popular color scheme- which have a neutralizing and balancing effect, but we are seeing a shift now towards deep colors that make you feel something. Color is a powerful concept, and a tool one can use to evoke feeling and emotion. Perhaps now more than ever we need excitement and happiness instead of neutral and calm. Ornate wallpaper is certainly both colorful and exciting, but if covering a whole room in wallpaper feels like too much of a commitment, do a bathroom. Unique, fun bathrooms are a popular trend right now, so go crazy. As for the rest of the house, accent walls are out and people are painting entire rooms in a single beautiful color. Shades of chocolate brown, wine, olive green, terracotta, and yellow ochre are popular earth tones that will certainly add to the warmth and coziness of your home. Also, for those who are fans of dramatic contrast, Black and White are back in style!

Beautiful Dining Set

Another trend that I absolutely love and that I feel is incredibly relevant is “imperfection”. Rather than have a picture perfect home with perfectly matching colors and perfectly matching styles, people are blending and layering old with new, classical with modern, to create a truly unique space that is transitional in design and transcendent in style. There is also a very noticeable shift towards worn, used, reclaimed, and recycled not only because it is better for the environment, but because old and imperfect pieces add a warmth and comfort that perfectly pristine pieces cannot. Additionally, pieces that are worn or aged have a character and story that bring depth into your home. 2020 is a year of individuality and of celebrating the perfectly imperfect.

Plants of all types

2020 is also seeing a rise in Biophilic Design. Biophilia is a “hypothetical human tendency to interact or be closely associated with other forms of life in nature” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary), so it seems only natural there would be a desire to surround ourselves with nature or things that remind us of nature within our homes. As previously discussed in an earlier blog, houseplants are on the rise and replacing faux plants. Not only do real house plants help clean and purify the air in your home, their dynamic nature also fits into the whole “imperfection” theme by adding a “live” concept to the design that will be ever changing and interactive. Another sign of the rise of Biophilic Design is the shift away from contemporary industrial design (concrete everything, sharp edges, manufactured perfection) towards a more organic home with rounded edges and natural materials such as solid wood, bamboo, rattan and wicker. Scandinavian design with its soft edges, natural tones, curved arms, and angled tapered legs (aka Mid Century) are all the rage this year and pieces such as the Dowel Coffee and Side Tables, the Spindle Daybed, and the Grand Bookshelf are a chic and elegantly timeless way to participate in this vintage trend.

Linden Gateleg Table and Dublexo Sleeper Sofa
Linden Gateleg Table & Dublexo Sleeper Sofa


Moving on to the next and perhaps my favorite 2020 trend is Multifunctionality. Luxury was once the goal, but our home's worth does not come from how expensive, precious, or exquisite every item within it is. Our home’s worth comes from the lives lived, the kids raised, and the experiences had. A realtor would likely disagree, but to them I say, “oh hush! Value is subjective and wholly arbitrary!” Luxurious granite countertops, delicate chandeliers, and single-purpose/special occasion rooms are being swapped for versatile, multifunctional, practical, usable, and durable spaces that are welcoming and conducive to family gatherings, quality time, and togetherness. A beautiful home need not be exclusionary. Immaculate and pristine spaces are often used sparingly in order to maintain their perfection, but as we learned above, perfection is out and imperfection is in. Our home should be lived in; it should be used. Create spaces that are multifunctional. Opt for finished and countertops that don’t require as much upkeep so you can worry less about potential damages to expensive things like granite countertops and worry more about the fun messes and potential memories you could be making. Right now we aren’t living life out in the world, so it is time to reintroduce that life back into our homes.

You might recall a blog I wrote a while back about the horrors of fast fashion: well, it seems people are turning away from void shopping altogether. Granted it might not be by choice (2020 has forced us out of the malls and department stores), but it’s definitely a sobering moment when we are slapped in the face with the realization that we have been recklessly spending our money on cheap, unnecessary items. Instead of retail therapy we are all shifting towards creative energy therapy. Who here has picked up a new craft? I certainly have. I’ve been painting with acrylics, I’ve recently decided to take a stab at watercolors, I bought popsicle sticks and am making decorative hexagon shelves to put up the wall, I’m cleaning out my closet and making rag rugs with the clothing too old or stained to be donated… Not only is crafting and creating a relaxing and therapeutic experience, but you’re also beautifying your home with artisanal pieces crafted by your own two hands. If you have or plan to do some quarantine crafts, tag us on instagram! I would love to see your creations.

Pure Sleep Latex and Wool Mattress

Cutting out reckless spending and void shopping also frees up money for more durable, high-quality items that are better for you, your home, and the environment. One such splurge is all-natural, organic bedding. To say that we deserve a good night’s sleep, free of harmful chemicals and synthetic materials, in order to recover from the physical and mental stress brought on daily by this pandemic, I’d say is a bit of an understatement. This year there is no vacation, no traveling, no “getting away from it all”. There is only our bed. Our bedrooms are our ultimate retreat. Indulge in some new Organic Cotton Sheets, or a Merino Wool Comforter. Make the switch to a natural latex mattress, or a coconut coir futon style mattress. You know what I’m about to say… TREAT YO SELF.

2020 has certainly picked us up by the shoulders and given us a good, hard shake. Our routines and habits have been thrown out the window leaving us feeling lost and confused. It is ok to feel this way, but we certainly don’t have to stay in that funk. We could use all this time we are spending at home to make some needed or desired change, not simply because your home could benefit from an “improvement” but because it can be beneficial to your mental health and overall well being. Tackle that project you haven’t been able to get around to. Paint that room. Do that craft. Or keep watching Nextflix (did you know Jersey Shore is on Hulu?! I did not. Also, don’t judge me and my occasional need for trash television). Do what is best for you and be unapologetic about it. Remember: being perfectly imperfect is so hot right now.

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