Solid Wood Beds

Solid Wood Beds

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Solid Wood Platform Beds

Haiku Designs is pleased to offer a rich selection of solid wood platform beds. Manufactured from several types of wood source materials, all sustainably harvested, our platform beds made from solid wood offer beauty, durability and quality. Furniture, beds, and platform beds made form solid wood, offer a strength and natural beauty that looks fantastic in a wide range of home and office decors. Solid wood platform beds use layered or joined wood pieces to create a wide range of beautiful looks and style. Haiku Designs solid wood platform beds and matching furniture exceed the standard for sustainable, solid wood products.

Levels of Bed and Furniture Construction

Many beds and much of the furniture manufactured today is made from cheap chipboard, or particleboard construction held together often with plastics and toxic chemical compounds. Although very inexpensive to produce, there are many inherent disadvantages to this type of product, including quality issues, the use of toxic formaldehyde, and plastics, and the off gassing of VOC’s (noxious Volatile Organic Compounds) into the sleeping environment. Haiku Designs does not offer this type of product to our customers.

A better manner of furniture construction uses an Engineered Wood, an all wood composite material which has a strength equal to or greater than solid wood, and can shrink or expand in humid or dry conditions. Haiku Designs offers a number of beds made from combination of engineered wood and solid wood construction. The platform beds are made from this type of product do not use toxic compounds in the manufacturing process and do not off gas. In addition, many of the our beds from this material meet the strict European Union “E-1”, zero off gas emission standards for furniture manufacturer.

Lastly Haiku Designs offers a number of platform beds made from solid wood. It is important when building furniture from solid wood that the wood be Kiln dried to eliminate cracking or warping and that the wood be sustainably harvested from managed forest to assure preservation of natural resources.

The Platform beds featured here use several different types of wood materials and all are sustainably produced.

Solid Cherry, Maple and Walnut Wood Beds

American sourced Cherry and Walnut wood. These woods offer beautiful wood swirls and patterns. In a number of our platform bed designs we use this type of wood product offering a unique and all natural, beauty and individual variety to each finished furniture piece.

Rubber Wood Beds

Several of our beds are manufactured from Rubber wood which is sourced from the Asian Rubber tree. This tree is the source of hevia milk or natural latex, which is gathered like maple syrup to create the luxurious, all natural and organic latex mattresses, that Haiku Designs and many other companies offer. At the end of it useful latex milk production it is cut down and used for furniture. The solid wood beds make from such a material use a joined or layer rubber wood which is durable and strong

Bamboo Wood Timber

Haiku Deigns offers a several line of bamboo solid wood beds and furniture. This type of product is a layered bamboo wood whereby strips of bamboo are layered together under pressure then used to construct furniture. This wood is entirely sustainably produced as bamboos is fast growing and is harvest on a regular basis. This type of solid bamboo wood is extremely durable and stronger than solid oak wood. When made into furniture, and the platform beds featured here, the wood offers a stunning beauty and natural quality with out the use of toxic finishes.

Haiku Deigns offers several lines of bamboo solid wood beds and furniture.